Kinect Sold Out After One Day of Sales

So you are one of the people that were looking for a Kinect but decided not to go to midnight release? You might have a hard time finding the motion controller on store shelves this holiday season. Online retailers are showing backordered status for Kinect on the biggest electronic suppliers like Best Buy and . What does this mean for Kinect? Well it means that the millions of advertising dollars worked, and either those "core" gamers decided to purchase the camera or they just wrangled a bunch of new customers either way, Microsoft must be happy with Kinect first shipments selling out on Day 1. Though you can still find the Kinect on the likes of Ebay it won't be long before the holiday price gouging begins.

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math4408d ago

Bidding Starts at 250.00 or you can just get a MOVE.

poe4408d ago

I'd rather take a hot poker in the eye before paying 250 for a Kinect.

gigaware4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

Or $150 or $100 or $5 for that matter in your case.

Jealous much?

" either those "core" gamers decided to purchase the camera or they just wrangled a bunch of new customers either way"

A whole lot of both

Crazyhorse4408d ago

my bidz starts at $1 and a handful of my own poo.

visualb4408d ago

you'd touch your own crap for kinect? too dedicated

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4408d ago

My vote goes to Move.

It's easy to sell out of something when you don't have much to sell to begin with.

MinskyM4408d ago

"It's easy to sell out of something when you don't have much to sell to begin with."

* Kinect is in stores everywhere

* Online stores are completely stocked with Kinect bundles

* And Microsoft has been trickling out a tiny bit of non-bundle Kinects

Looks like Microsoft is attempting to have the PR both ways. Flood the stores with shipments so they can claim those shipments as sales. Keep the standalone version understocked so they can claim Kinect is 'sold out'. Have plenty of the bundles so they can force online buyers to buy yet another 360.

aceitman4408d ago

its not worth the 150 price tag its ok still some issues it feels like an upgraded eyetoy and i have to say it wont stay fresh for long me and my fam had a little fun but it didnt last long we went back to the move for some sports champion fun its better with a controller the eyetoy was the same way it was fun for a little but got old fast kinect is the same ...

Heartnet4408d ago

It can be sold out everywhere,a ll stock could go however if microsoft did the ol trick of giving them minimal copies ( example Shopto) it can sell out without selling taht many copies..

Just like bayonetta sold out on teh xbox 360 however it didnt sell out on ps3 but it sold more on the ps3..

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Nitrowolf24408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

Actually have some at my local walmart (the whole case is about full which is about 10) and gamestop(not that much), i think this is just limited to online and not at the actually stores. Then again nothing over here where i live rarely sells out (which is why i never pre-order my stuff)

kenlawson4408d ago

I tried Kmart in my town no luck. Then I tried Walmart again no luck. Then I tried Gamestop and bamm they had like 10 of them. Weird.

tbone4324408d ago

My walmart is the same. They have a good amount also but I did not bother to count.

Nitrowolf24408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

@all the people saying they saw them at retails (not online)

They are not sold out there, i bet the majority of people are getting theirs through online thus the cause for sold out all over the web.

Was going to pick it up ( i have money to burn) , just a quick question, i saw a bunch of bundle also at walmart but they are just 4GB , is there a bigger bundle for GB?

Also people this is why we read the article and not the headline, this is talking about the Online retail part of those big companies.

stuntman3694408d ago

My walmart has about 30 if your near west tenn.

aceitman4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

had 9 in the case and 5 kinect 360 bundles and gamestop had 4 kinects they said they had 5 come in with there 5 preorders a total of 10 kinects only 6 sold and they have 4 left its not being sold out over here in my part of jersey the move was sold out here couldnt get one in 3 weeks im just saying its not sold out even ms said the newyork times event did below what they expected...

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beardpapa4408d ago

yea bidding starts here

not sold out. just people purchasing a bunch to resale.

digger184408d ago

lol...I just did a search on Ebay, there's 100's of them. Many with people selling 10 or more

DemiT4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )


so you're saying that a few hundred kinects, bought for resale on ebay, would make a dent in millions of day 1 sell outs?

Tinfoil hats, anyone?

KingME4408d ago

Hold that thought, the numbers will be out soon.

uxo224408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

Man, it doesn't take much anymore to get a person to make of a BS story does it. Funny, when I go to the store it really doesn't concern me how they have stuff displayed nor do I care whose buying what.

I am there to get what I came for and I'm out. But I guess you guys do surveys so that you can come to N4G and report back to your fellow trolls.

So pathetic.

Chug4408d ago

It may be sold out in certain locations but I was just at Walmart and Target shopping today and each store had 5 kinects that I seen.

It actually seems Target had them strategically placed, there was only one in the Kinect section at the end of the aisle by the games to try and grab the "on the fence" type of gamer who would grab it just because of the illusion of it being in high demand/low quantities and then as I was getting ready to check out they had 4 of them placed at the end of the checkout stand.

At Walmart, they had 5 Kinects on the bottom shelf right next to the Xbox 360's. And this isn't accounting the Xbox/Kinect bundles that were available at both locations.

I'm sure the damn thing is selling but I'm sick of hearing this "OMG, Kinecticayomama's are sold out teh everywhere!!!"

zeddy4408d ago

so which idiot bought this then?

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MaximusPrime4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )


we all expect Kinect to sell out well after first few weeks.

its just what happen after that, dust-magnet

ct034408d ago

It worked for the Wii. Dust magnet or not.

FordGTGuy4408d ago

You haven't played it.

Hater's gonna Hate.

Corepred44408d ago

People still use the term haters? lol wow thats um.. pretty lame

KingME4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

That's because haters still exist.

Perhaps we should call them "corepred4's" instead.

Corepred44408d ago

^^lol again lame. thats fine but i guess i'm getting tired of it because everyone 'thinks' they have haters.

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Moonboots4408d ago

screw the haters they are getting owned at every turn..

Just enjoy the gaming.

Codeman4204408d ago

i beg to differ we still have s s*** ton here at our bx. so they arent sold out.

units4408d ago

i believe you random guy on the Internet

Codeman4204408d ago

i like all the random kinect fanboys who disagree cause they have no idea wat they are disagreeing to

Chromer4408d ago

I checked my BX last night and literally the entire section had been untouched since the morning. I found it odd considering the number of people I know who own 360s over PS3s is quite a few. Some people just don't want to listen to truth.

chilled2m4408d ago

Your post makes no sense. He's clearly disagreeing with the fact that you've seen "tons of them". When it comes to believing sales numbers vs some random guy on the internet regarding the viability of Kinect... guess who were going to believe?

Moonboots4408d ago

Why don't you guys drop the zip code and the store name? We can call and see who is full of sh*t or not.

nygamer284408d ago

omg you guys sound like little girls.....anyways kineck is not going to be sold out at every gamestore in the world,im pretty sure sold out is that MS has no more in stock

Codeman4204408d ago


i can drop a zip code for you IP279PN. if you can figure out where that is you can come to my BX and see for yourself.

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goodfellas274408d ago

they have it in nyc stores. sold out where?

4408d ago