NHL 08 demo hits the ice

Today Electronic Arts announced a demo for NHL 08, the latest iteration of its hockey franchise, is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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toughNAME4071d ago

pretty much the exact same as last year

same controls..same look (looks a lil brighter)
there supposed to be more controls for deking..havent figured them out

gameplay seems more realistic...i guess

the menu is the same (ugly black) as last year too

i might rent this...prob. pick it up around xmas
always put a lot of hours into NHL games

kn4071d ago

Same EA, Same suck. Put a little polish on their turds and put it out for more money. Pretty soon they'll just send out a cardboard box with "EA Sports" written on the side in magic marker. Open it up and find last year's game with a note inside: "thanks, sucka!"

ud4071d ago

i have to disagree on that, the NHL from EA totally rocks!!!!! it's incredible since they changed the controls in 07. There hasn't been a better game than this one. And if they improved the controls and AI this year it's gonna be crazy!!

can't wait to play it, i hope they don't do some bullshit port on the ps3 :\

DG4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Yeah I have to disagree as well NHL from EA is the best hockey game around in my oppinion. And Im a hardcore NBA2K fan. Plus I dont even like hockey just the video games. I will rent first and prob buy a used copy that way EA dont get as much money HAHA. EA will get my full money for Burnout though.

BenzMoney4071d ago

What about the AI - did they fix the horrible AI issues (like defensemen not holding the blueline, etc)??? That was the biggest problem with 07.

If they fixed that, it might be worth picking up.

From the gameplay videos on EA's site they claim to have also allowed independent movement of the stick/puck from player movement - but I'd probably have to try it out to get a feel for that and whether or not it's really enhanced the gameplay at all.

ud4071d ago

you can also create your own plays

CC4070d ago

This whole "create your own play" thing is just awesome. The replay value has just got up 100%.

I don't think it's fair calling NHL 2k8 better than NHL08 'cause we haven't played either one yet.

BenzMoney4071d ago

There'll be leagues over LIVE and PSN.

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