Prepare for All-Out War

The gloves are off for the third outing of Xbox's most successful video game series, writes Asher Moses.

"A harrowing alien civilisation called the Covenant controls Earth. Mankind, vastly outnumbered, faces almost certain extinction. The stakes are high and only one warrior, Master Chief, can put an end to the destruction. It's time to finish the fight.

In our parallel universe, Brian Jarrard faces his own epic task. But for someone with the weight of a multibillion-dollar corporation and millions of fans on his shoulders, he is remarkably calm.

As the director of franchise and community affairs at Bungie Studios, Jarrard is a key player in the development of Halo 3, the third instalment of one of the most successful video game series ever created."

When asked about beating Gears of War sales records, Halo 3 Sandbox design chief Jaime Griesemer replies, "I'm actually really glad it came out last year because I think what happened was people played a lot of Halo 2 and they needed something else, something different, and now that they had that they're ready to go back and experience Halo again."

"But yeah, we're going to kick their ass."

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RadientFlux4068d ago

great article, I am getting really psyched for Halo 3, espically with quotes like this.

"Bungie's primary focus with Halo 3 is to boost the scale of combat. Where the first Halo had players rarely fighting more than three or four enemies at a time, the third instalment increases this by a factor of 10 and teamwork takes priority as there are more allies fighting beside you."

BenzMoney4068d ago

And the thing about Bungie is that you know you can trust them when they're talking-up their product. To hear them say how great they think Halo 3 is, that its their best game ever, etc, means that it must be DAMN good - they're a pretty humble company for the most part, and their own biggest critic.


Get your BR's calibrated boys!! the war is on! Damn covi scum bags

SKUD4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )


Morbius4204068d ago

Anyone can pick up the first two and Jump In.

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