LBP 2 beta remakes vs the real games

We compare some of the games made in Little Big Planet 2 to their inspirations.

The Little Big Planet 2 beta has had some incredible outcomes (the delaying of the full game not being one, of course). People have made things that cause my mind to melt as soon as i see them, and a popular occurrence, as in LBP 1, has been re-made versions of popular games.

It’s because of this that i thought it would be a good idea to compare the re-made versions of the games to the games themselves. Every video in this post has been taken from several Youtube channels, and all of the video content belongs to their respective owners...

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8-bit3646d ago

They look close enough for me. Wow, the game types that LBP can do are seriously mind boggling

WildArmed3646d ago

Yeah, I actually mistook the LBP2 remake for the real thing when they compared fl0w /facepalm

Great article! :D

rockleex3646d ago

In LBP2!!

Oh wait, shouldn't have said that out loud.

Now someone's gonna steal my idea. <_<



GamerSciz3646d ago

...too many to imagine.

-X-3646d ago

"Why buy 4 games when you can get those games, and 2 million more in LBP 2"

Proxy3646d ago

As soon as a developer announces a game it will be duplicated in LBP before the first screen shot comes out.

Dnied3646d ago


This could quite possibly be the greatest game ever made lol

I can't believe that after burner remake :O

Holeran3646d ago

Looks fantastic so far, and these are beta levels. Imagine what people are going to do with the final game.