N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Review

If you haven't grown tired of the hack-and-slash gameplay in Dynasty Warriors games, Ninety-Nine Nights might be the title that does it. The gameplay is shallow, the story is generic, and there isn't anything present to make you feel like you're going to miss out if you just turn the game off and walk away. Although we are months into a new generation of hardware, N3 shows that not all games have made the jump.

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zypher5386d ago

this is one of the trio of games (along with GRAW and Oblivion) that convinced me to get a 360. after downloading the demo a few days ago i came away unimpressed. nevertheless, i'd actually considered going against my own experienced wisdom (i'd done the same thing with Prey...downloaded the demo, didn't think it was good, but STILL went out and bought the game) and considered buying the game. after reading this review you best believe that i scratched that idea. this makes three disappointments in a row (including Chromehounds and Prey). i was looking forward to Enchanted Arms, but two reviewers already gave it lackluster reviews. guess i won't be enjoying any fresher 360 goodness until SC Double Agent. otherwise HOPEFULLY PS3 delivers.

Aramis0015385d ago

I don't know zypher, I've been very satisfied with the 360's offerings so far. Graw and Oblivion are sweet, fight night is awesome, and I, for one, really liked prey. Not to mention XBLA, Dead Rising, COD2, PGR3, DOA4 and other good titles have made me very satisfied with my purchase.

zypher5385d ago

i guess it's just a matter of taste. i adore both GRAW and Oblivion (maybe not as much as the next 360 fan for the latter). the other one's, while great graphically, offer nothing that isn't available on the current-gen systems (PS2 and XBox). but like i said, hopefully thing's will change this fall/winter, with Double Agent, GOW, Lost Planet, Fable 2 etc.

Jak4ever5385d ago

Yeah, its a little disapointing to see this review (an several others like it). Ive never had a modern console this early in its cycle, but it seems like all of the real games are due for a fall release (september-April) guess il wait for SC Double Agent, and Test Drive etc. I was hoping this would rock but i guess not. MASS EFFECT!!!!!! cant wait.

THAMMER15385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

I have played it and it is alot more fun than Dyn. War. 1-5. The graphics were crisp (I use a projector and my screen is about 96 inches) the game play was cool even for a button masher. I expect more of this type of bashing for the next few months.

Tempo5385d ago

another review by IGN that's in stark contrast to the readers own opinion of the game. Anyone else think that sometimes IGN would be better off rating/reviewing movies rather than games.

zypher5385d ago

as you can see they scored it about the same. it ain't just ign saying it.

zypher5385d ago

as a matter of fact, was one of the few sites that actually liked Prey (i think they gave it somewhere in the neighborhood of 8.7, whereas gamespot gave it in the 7.5 range)

ACE5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

its there opinion of the game ,,,,

i have been thro this kind of bs b4 , they say no no no , you try it and like it ....

as for pray i really liked it and lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2.....

i got 47 games on my list of playd games on 360 gulp!!! ..... ,,,, my gamerscore is 15900 ... cant get enough of it ...

i will be getting saints row , dead rising, enchant arms and test drive the duel and thats just in the next 3-4 weeks lol...

zypher5385d ago

like i've always said, it's just a matter of taste. the only reason i posted's review is because of a notorious 360 fanboy who always brings up how the 360 has all these excellent games, then goes on a rant listing reviews from ranging in the 8's. for my part i ususally try a game to see if i like it. website reviews shouldn't be the tablet-of-Moses we go by to determine whether or not we like a game. case in point: gave Suikoden 1 and 2 for the PSOne a measly 6 out of 10; Suikoden 1 and 2 just so happen to be my absolute favorite games of all time: furthermore, they go on ebay for like $100 a pop. so website reviews aren't always the thing to go by.

however, i wasn't even aware that the 360 HAD 47 solidly-decent games worth owning, but to each his own. for my part (for now) i'm content with GRAW and Oblivion. Prey wasn't my cup of tea, downloaded the demo to N3 and it seemed but a shallow rip-off of Dynasty Warriors (i deleted it after about 20 minutes worth of playing). these two separate incidents, coupled with the fact that it also received lukewarm reviews, made me not even bother with Chromehounds. but like i said, hopefully Double Agent, Lost Planet and GOW deliver. otherwise i'll just have to rely on PS2 and (maybe) PS3 for gaming goodness in the foreseeable future.

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