Ninety-Nine Nights Developer Working On Xbox 360 MMO

Blueside, one of the studios behind the original Ninety-Nine Nights and the Kingdom Under Fire series, is making a massively multiplayer online game for the Xbox 360.

A job listing reveals, Project T, which Blueside announced for PCs last summer is also in development for Xbox 360. The Korean studio is best known for the Kingdom Under Fire series and Project T has nothing to do with that. Project T is a brand new action RPG slated for 2011.

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THE MAX SPEED 215284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

Nice to hear that they are working on new games after N3:2

so we have this , the new Mistwalker game , Fable3 , ME2 , Capcom X MS ,


qface645284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

how do you even know the new mistwalker game is for the 360?

if its an mmo i don't really think it will ever get released in time for it to matter
there have been allot of mmo's announced for consoles mainly the 360 and besides FF11 i can't think of any others that have been released

they usually never get released for i dunno what reason or end up getting delayed soo many times

Tony P5284d ago

I dunno whether to be excited or not. No console MMO promise has come close to being fulfilled yet. Lots of promises last year, no substance.

Chris3995284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

But I don't know where this fallacy got started about Capcom X MS. It's an exclusive REVEAL. Not an exclusive. Was I the only one to read the actual text? The original N4G post did not meet article standards and had a fabricated headline. Pretty sure Capcom even went on record against producing HD exclusives a while ago.

Qface, The Mistwalker thing will most likely be for the 360 - it could go multi, but I doubt it. And there's also that "Large Scale RPG" project being done by Feelplus (and funded by MS, so it's exclusive for sure).

Great year for JRPGs. I've been waiting for a glut of games in the genre since this gen started. This would be it. Christ, even the Wii has Arc Rise Fantasia on the calendar (made by members of the original "Tales" team).

Year of the JRPG confirmed. If the trend continues, 2011 should be like the PS2 JRPG hay-day.

lowcarb5284d ago

Do you have a link? That would help clear up things.

GreenRingOfLife5284d ago

The news just keeps getting better and better for Xbox 360....

Skip_Bayless5284d ago

They couldn't even get the 99 nights sigle player right. Hire more people to make the game because this game ain't gonna to fly.

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Xi5284d ago

I think this might be related to the mistwalker title, i remember hearing something about the title that might indicate it's mmo related.

MajestieBeast5284d ago

All the mmos im excited about are slated for 2011 and apb if its still releasing in 2010.

green5284d ago

There has been a lot of good news today and we still got the Capcom and Microsoft title reveal in a few hours.

lowcarb5284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

Hopefully tomorrow we get some really good news.

edit: i wonder who the person is pressing disagree. Such ashame the Hate for Xbox brand still exists.

SaberEdge5284d ago

I am curious as to what that Capcom and Microsoft news might be. I'm not expecting anything great, but you never know.

8thnightvolley5284d ago

i am totally loving this year for the 360....ME2 already coming wow wow wow...

feeling gd today hey green here is a bubble.. ;)

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MrSec842093d ago

Loads of people asked for a sequel to Knack, including myself.

The first game was good fun, clearly rushed for launch, but a good launch title for PS4.

rainslacker2093d ago

Yeah, I know a lot of people who liked the game, and said they wouldn't mind a sequel which improved on the original.