Would Google TV Ever Come to the PS3?

Sony is looking to transform the homespace with two of the most ubiquitous services in the household. But are they forgetting there are 41 million internet-capable Sony devices in homes around the world already? what you think

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Ilikegames763647d ago

it happen, it would be a nice addition to what a PS3 could do.

Game-ur3647d ago

My require a new model PS3, don’t know if the current models have enough ram or specific architecture.

ComboBreaker3647d ago

the PS3 can handle it easily too. Note I said Android and not Google TV. I just want the Android Apps.

dredgewalker3646d ago

Just give me a faster browser and that would make me really happy or even a Chrome for the PS3.

Genecalypse3646d ago

I think they hinted at this once, 40 million Ps3s in the world and bam...40 million Google TV devices

D4RkNIKON3646d ago

Then the floodgates would open on the android app market place.

goodfellas273646d ago

I don't think that would happen because of the different architecture; maybe they would come out with a special edition PS3 like the PSX in Japan. It would be great if SONY finds a way to implement the OS in the current model: maybe using the HDD as VRAM?

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