Dead Rising "Kills" Xbox 360?

People are reporting that their Xbox 360 are crashing by the cause of Dead Rising.

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Zaskark55386d ago

I havent had any problems yet but I might later.

Dick Jones5385d ago

All of 2 people have a problem and it turns into an epidemic for these online journalists.

D R Fz5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

This games is not even utilizing the supposedly "full potential" of the xbox 360, and the system is crashing. Terrible. I do feel sorry for those who dished out so much money for a 360 just to have $60 games ruin their experience. People, wait for a true gaming machine. The Ps3 will not disappoint, and it is a much better deal. And people, just because you don't have Aids does not mean Hiv is nonexistent. If your 360 is still working, great. But what about the others who are going through issues, should you just ignore them and pretend everything is ok? If this is your path to life, then you're not worthy of living. But there is hope, and the ps3 will provide it.

BIadestarX5386d ago

All it takes 1 person to have a problem, and post it on the internet. By the way guys stop playing this game for 20 hours straight!

Marriot VP5386d ago

Yah really a game can't cause a console to crash. If that were true it'd happen to more than 2-3 people. Cause what are they doing any different than other people.

The PROBLEM is just the 360 hardware. ALL standard console failure is 3-5% so there's your small percentage who just happened to be playing dead rising at the time.

OutLaw5386d ago

That's like what Sony was doing against the Dreamcast before they released the PS2, spreading rumors.

I have the game and no problem here.

Asuka5386d ago

this post has nothing to do with sony????? why do you have to start flame-wars? You even posted an Assassins Creed post today that didn't inform any new info. You just posted it to start back up a flame-war.

do us all a favor and hit the "power" button on your pc, just please do it. You'll make alot more people happy >_>

OutLaw5385d ago

Yeah you're right look at the big flame war I started. PLEASE EVERBODY STOP THE INSANITY I DIDN'T MEAN TO START A FLAME WAR!!! Does that make you happy? Get a grip son, I was just pointing out that it seem similar to what Sony did before. If it would make you feel better I also want a PS3. Now get a life and move-on.

ACE5385d ago

more like the sony fan boys started this rumer cos i have the game and not a freez in site NO PROBLEMS HERE AT ALL lol ......

sad sony fans tut!!!!

shotty5385d ago

This is part of Sony's Marketing. They bash other systems on the internet. They did it with the dreamcast. Every major xbox 360 title has had this same rumor yet I have played everyone and no issues. Seems fishy doesn it. I played Dead Rising countless times with no issues. They said the same for GRAW, Oblivion, Prey and such.

OutLaw5385d ago

That's all I was trying to point out. Does it mean its true? Probably not. But it does seem fishy as you put it. Sony has done this before and I feel they could try it again.

Asuka5385d ago

oh yeah, i'm being told to get a life from a guy that has 244 comments on a videogame website who is being backed by someone called "was a sony fan" with over 300+ comments a third of which he posted in last 14 days! Oh yeah, i really need to get a life >_>

here look, i'll do you a favor, everytime you make a bs comment or post, i'll be there to label it BS for you just so you can tell when your being a [email protected]$$ ok. No thanks is required and i'll even do it for free >_>

OutLaw5384d ago

Thats up to you if you want to make this personal. I wasn't trying to attack you but if that's what you want to do go ahead. It really doesn't matter to me one bit.

Look forward to you acting like a child.

Asuka5384d ago

oh, and that post was BS

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ironwolf5386d ago

And it's a launch day machine.

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