Gran Turismo 5 Should Have Been Released Today

Will Gran Turismo 5 ever come out? Sony said a few days ago that the game’s producers, led by Kazunori Yamauchi, wanted a little bit more time to further polish the game, but it assured us the game would be available in time for the holidays.

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alb18993644d ago

Maybe they canceled because it will be so perfect that ps3 can not hadle it will be out next gen! Lol

AAACE53643d ago

GT 5 will be an excellent game! But I think they did like other developers and didn't want to risk games like CoD taking potential sales away from it! Not to mention the new NFS game that will get that nostalgia going for some gamers.

In my opinion, smart move to not risk it! It sucks though, cause now we have to wait lokger for it!

jammy_703643d ago

If they accidently deleted all the data from gt5 and had to start the whole game again lool

EverydayGuy3643d ago

Conspiracy Theory: Then people be like "Microsoft hired a secret agent" =O, but kidding aside still have many hours of Fall Out to go. I can wait, just not next year wait.

Blinding_Solo3643d ago

If that was to happen I would behead myself... JK

Anarki3643d ago

It's a good job they cancelled... My ps3 stopped reading discs like..2 days ago :( though, good old sony are fixing my ps3 free of charge, even though it's out of warranty... all in good time :D

Domer253643d ago

Hurry up PD, kidnap Santa's elves and stamp the [email protected] game faster!

zeddy3643d ago

can you imagine? that game should be in my ps3 right about now.

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ExplosionSauce3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Yeah, yeah, we know. There are like two other articles with similar titles, also based on assumptions and ignoring the whole "discs are being stamped meaning we're closer to shipping time" thing.

Baliw3643d ago

well. I think Sony is smart enuff to NOT release GT5 while theres back ups running out there...

Newtype3643d ago

Isn't this a repeat article?

ForzaGT3643d ago

the title will get hits

Motorola3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Yeah cuz it was approved a day late
EDIT: title no match source what is this?

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The story is too old to be commented.