Halo: Reach Level Cap Removed Today

Loot Ninja writes:

"You’ve been waiting and completing challenges like a champ. The time is finally here. All 117 million Daily and Weekly Challenges for Halo: Reach have been completed and the level cap will be removed today."

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T9X693644d ago

Took them long enough.

Omar913644d ago

yea i noticed, people are insane with leveling up. im just about to hit captain while theres people who already leveled up pass the cap.

T9X693644d ago

lol I got boosted up to Commander Grade 3 and I haven't played the game since I sold it on Oct. 9th.

kaveti66163644d ago

I haven't even gotten that far. But I will be general in this game. In Halo 3 I never made it past major.

Odin7773644d ago

That's pretty cool. I guess you'll start seeing some insane levels now.

QuantumWake3644d ago

Ah, finally! Checked Bnet and I have myself at a Commander Grade 1 now. Sweet! Bought myself a new chest and a black visor. :)

7hanks Bungie! Cheers! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.