IGN: Haze: Online Co-op Driving Hands-on

The engine still has a little ways to go, but small details, such as the gorgeous plumes of dust generated by tyres churning up the earth, and great character and vehicle models, show that the talent is there. IGN hopes these final months in development are spent polishing Haze into a gem of a title in all respects.

As a distraction from the very cool firefights and squad action sequences that dominated the other sections of the demo, the vehicular combat works well. There are still a lot of improvements IGN'd love to see implemented between now and its November release, but IGN is confident David Doak and company will see this ship through to clear skies and calm waters.

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MK_Red4069d ago

Haze a game that many dismiss as a generic FPS, may indeed be one of the biggest FPS games of the year. Let's not forget that key members of this team (free Radical) worked on the classic GoldenEye.