Killzone 3 vs. Killzone 2 Gun Recoil, Sound and Accuracy Comparison

A new video compares the gun recoil, sounds and accuracy between Killzone 3 and Killzone 2.

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Flashwave_UK3644d ago

wtf my youtube friend just made this video and it gets posted on n4g these guys are so not pro dude check out my youtube account ppl flashwave1 remember its only the beta

OneSneakyMofo3644d ago

Who cares if they are pro or not? This video is showing the technicals of the game not how many knife kills you got without dying.

Don't advertise yourself either, man. Makes you seem like a d-bag.

DasBunker3644d ago

KZ2 had one of the best gun sounds.. rivaled BF for sure.. the shotgun made an amazing BAM! there it is.

Hideo_Kojima3644d ago

Guns in Killzone 2 have different sounds for indoors than when they are outdoors.

Who ever made this video didn't compare all the guns in the same environment.

Cevapi883644d ago

id love to see GG make a variety of new weapons for the game...the possibilities are endless

nickjkl3644d ago

damn killzone 3 shits all over killzone 2 that m82 sounds and looks like its going to be my favorite gun

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Killzoned3644d ago

Looks like KZ2 has more recoils
Hope they add more recoil to KZ3

Kleptic3644d ago

the forums suggest a recent patch to the beta have added considerable recoil to killzone 3...and i'm not sure which version of the beta this video is from...

but the videos i've seen of the beta show almost no recoil at all...

either way...I'm very happy they adjusted the sound...while killzone 2 had great sound overall, certain weapons sounded a little off...not under full auto fire, but when you would pop off a single shot out of the M82G it didn't sound right to me...

rekof3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I like little less recoil especially on console games,..It is still there,.. It is not totally arcady like Cod,.. so that is cool,.. but sometimes KZ2 guns felt damn crazy,.. (lol you cannot see that from the vid though :)) Sound is so damn great !!

duplissi3644d ago

3 round burst is your friend... short and sweet or go semi auto, hell thats what the military trains soldiers to do.

AKA3644d ago

except the LMG, they need to add more recoil and lower the accuracy of it.
We will see if GG makes any change, its very clear that the LMG is over powered.

i hope we get a kz3 public beta soon

raztad3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Agree. I can tell most weapons have good recoil but the LMG is 100% accurate WHEN SCOPED.

KZ2 recoil for some weapons (like the STA11) was overboard and the weapons itself, not very accurate at long rage. I always ended up using the isa rifle. In kz3 the sta11 could use a little of more bullet spread (when scoped), but it is a competent weapon overall.

DaCajun3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Seriously lil kids do you know that an LMG is a heavier version of an assault rifle to support the larger ammo magazine or belt feed. The reason why our military does not issue it to everyone is because cost and fatigue, because that extra 15 lbs will wear you down.

So I want you internet experts to tell me why a gun like the M249 LMG(SAW) is supposed to have more recoil than a gun like the M4 assault rifle that both fire the same 5.56x45mm NATO rounds? Is the LMG being heavier perhaps causing it to have that extra recoil? That would be a NO. Does it fire at a higher rate? NO. The recoil for those weapons are very close to the same and hardly distinguishable.

So why again would a LMG have more recoil? It is slower to maneuver with and cumbersome but that is all, it does not have more recoil in real life. You can say maybe the M60 types should have more recoil but I can name you assault rifles that fire the same bullet as it also the 7.62x51mm.

So basically what I'm trying to educate you non-military types who think you know more about guns than real military is that LMGs are just beefed up ARs used to pump out more rounds with less magazine changes which in turn makes them less maneuverable and cumbersome to handle but in no way is the recoil more than an AR and in no way does the accuracy lower. But lugging around a heavy gun like that does make you tired and the inaccuracy is due to a fatigued soldier.

What they need to do is make turning and moving with the LMGs slower due to the extra weight being carried. Lessen the distance you can run in one spurt before resting. Lower the height or distance you are able to jump over stuff while carrying the LMG just like it should be with any heavy weapon. This would make more sense than the more recoil less accurate crap you people keep yelling about.

Holeran3644d ago

Sound is much better on KZ3 in my opinion.

MiloGarret3644d ago

Indeed it is, makes it a pleasure to play tbh.


K3 have HDR sound, it will be an improvement in the final version.

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