Folklore IGN Hands-on: Great looking & Detailed

So far, Folklore looks great and has stoked our proverbial fire quite fiercely. IGN's hoping that the rest of the game delivers as much as the first moments do, which is a lofty task indeed.

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MK_Red4067d ago

Well, someone said that Folklore could be the sleeper hit for PS3 and the more I read, the more I agree.

spammy_nooo4067d ago

i was just about to comment the same thing. it definitely came out of left field for me, and now its on my buy list.

Vojkan4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Maybe here in west, in Japan game sold around 35k in 5-6 weeks which are ABYSMAL numbers!

Maybe if character were pre teens with spiky hair and girl voice screaming "uaghhhhhh" than maybe things would be different there.

Anyhow i think this game will do very well in USA and EU

O and "Uaghhhhhh" ;-)

SuperSaiyan44067d ago

Rubbish, the visuals were nothing amazing and the gameplay? Rubbish, a real nice gimmick to 'Flick' the controller upwards to take the enemies soul.

Fable on the old Xbox beats this game hands down in every area and so does Blue Dragon.

Genki4067d ago

and it's quite a meaty demo at that. I think this game will be good, but not great. They could have expanded on the battle concept a bit more. This is the type of game that needs a sequel to flesh out the bright spots in it. I'm getting it, and I expect to enjoy it, but I don't think it will be remembered as a classic in my book. Great fun though.