Two Hours of 007: Blood Stone Gameplay (GameBlurb)

Last night marked the first episode of GameBlurb (((On Air))) featuring the new James Bond game 007: Blood Stone. We had a blast doing the live show and we want to thank everyone who joined us, we will definitely be doing more live shows soon! For those of you that were unable to check out the stream here is the first two hours of 007: Blood Stone. Enjoy!

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jaidek3651d ago

This game could very well be a sleeper hit of 2010. Never thought I would say I want to buy a Bond game...

MicrocutsX23651d ago

Saw this on their show last night. Awesome stuff!

junk3d3651d ago

It amazes me that Activision hasn't promote this game more, I mean it looks to be a fun game!

evildeli3651d ago

watched the show last night. Environments looked amazing, characters looked last gen

Kuzo3651d ago

missed the show but 2 hour recap is cool

junk3d3651d ago

Have to agree on the characters. Seems like that was Bizarre Creations weak spot. The environments are extremely detailed and well constructed.

JamestheScruffy3651d ago

I am really hoping that this game is good...I have little faith that Golden Eye will capture the magic it had when it came out originally.

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