The Top 007 Best Bond Games

Adam writes "I’ve been a fan of the British secret agent James Bond since I first saw A View to a Kill at the age of 5, for the record, A View to a Kill is still my favourite film in the franchise; you’ve just got to love Christopher Walken as a Bond villain! In addition to having seen all of the movies in the franchise (including the unofficial entries), I had also played all of the console games based on the license. Even though movie-licensed games tend to suck, the Bond license has a much more solid track record for producing decent games. Because of that, I decided to produce lists of my picks for the seven best and worst Bond games starting with 7 of the best."

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Zjet722d ago

As good as 007 Goldeneye is. It has not aged well. 007 Nightfire takes it place for me. I love blood stone though. It was originally going to br a trilogy sadly.

A shame we havent had any Bond games recently

P_Bomb722d ago (Edited 722d ago )

It has been a while, hasn't it! Bloodstone was my last. Odd too since Sony's had the Bond license in their back pocket this whole time, but haven't commissioned a game.

Everything or Nothing's probably my sentimental fave. One of the first 3rd person cover shooters dating back before Uncharted and Gears. Highly polished, never gets the credit it deserves.

morganfell722d ago

A game worth checking out is the PS2 version of Quantum of Solace. The main game on the PC, PS3, and Xbox360 was horrible. But a different studio made QoS on the PS2 and unlike the other versions, the PS2 one is a Third Person title.

nevin1722d ago


Everything or Nothing (PS2)

Resis7ance722d ago

Goldeneye purely for nostalgia reasons alone. I've never had so much fun mowing down friends,, when I wasn't being slapped to death by Oddjob of course.

722d ago