These are the best (and worst) James Bond video games of all-time

With the release of "No Time to Die" on the horizon, Newsweek has taken a look at the best and worst James Bond video games of all time.

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P_Bomb458d ago

They didn’t make the cut but I also liked From Russia with Love, Bloodstone and the MP in Quantum of Solace.

porkChop458d ago

Yeah QoS had some really fun MP. It had some lag issues when I played it, but it was cool.

robtion458d ago

Bloodstone was great. Like playing an actual Bond film.

Orchard458d ago

The best was always going to be Goldeneye! Very fond memories of the split screen MP on N64!

Smitty2020458d ago

Totally agree, First to the golden gun lol

blackblades458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Agree, wish someone never stole my copy, then one of the games on ps2 my cousin borrowed it and never return. I did like everything or nothing and song.

DaReapa458d ago

Have to say, this was one of the very few times I fully agree with a "best/worst" list. The top 3 are definitely my top that order, no less.

PectoralFlex458d ago

Agent Under Fire was the shit. Probably the only one that comes close to Goldeneye, imo. Multiplayer matches in the Church level with everyone using grappling hooks and sniping each other to death. Or the harbor level and everyone rocket launching each other for hours. Lots of fun.

458d ago
Ashunderfire86458d ago

I love that multiplayer facing bots and grapping hook anywhere around the environment for some brutal kills lol!!! That game was so fun, and it had 60FPS for PS2 and Gamecube it was buttersmooth.

porkChop458d ago

I actually thought Quantum of Solace was pretty good. Treyarch did a decent job. The levels were well designed and had actual replayability. It was a little bit too action-heavy, and not having driving sections was a mistake. But I still enjoyed my time with it.

I'm excited to see what IO Interactive does with the license. I think they're currently the best choice. Hitman laid a great foundation for a Bond-style game. They aren't known for driving gameplay so I doubt we'll see any, but I'm still optimistic about the game.

MajorLazer458d ago

I loved QoS. Russia with love too.

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The story is too old to be commented.