Top 10 Video Game Trains

TechRaptor writes, "Who doesn’t love trains? They can be a reminder of a by-gone era of the mighty locomotive, as well as a glimpse of a hopeful future filled with high-speed travel by rail. Whenever a game introduces a train, it’s easy to get excited over the design and challenges this level may bring. Whether it’s an aesthetic set piece or a labyrinth of cars to make your way through, here’s our list of our top ten favorite trains in video games."

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P_Bomb616d ago

Ah, videogame staple for me since Ninja Gaiden 2 on NES!

Relientk77616d ago

Just came here to make sure Uncharted 2 was on the list.

Unknown_Gamer5794615d ago

It is. There's no way a list of this type of any credibility would forget that train.

Terry_B616d ago

No FF VI or FF VIII Doomtrain? Bad List is bad.