Good Games Are Like Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, and everybody loves video games. Some dude has a Madden tournament, so he orders Pizza Hut. When the pizza comes, it’s delicious. Gooey cheese, crunchy crusts, warm sauce, crisp toppings – they all add up to make a delicious slice of heaven. Just like the parts that make up a pizza, a good game requires good ingredients.

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EYEamNUMBER13643d ago

i actually only clicked on this to look at the picture its actually making me hungry
looks good

imoutofthecontest3643d ago

Honestly WHAT is with all the pizza comparisons lately?

CommonCent3643d ago

WTF did I just read? First of all the order of things is all wrong... Graphics should always be the last thing. I mean think about a golden turd, its gold and looks pretty but its shit.