Sony, Others Win Tech Emmy for Blu-ray

Panasonic, Philips, Sony, and TDK will jointly share an Emmy award for their contributions to the Blu-ray standard, the companies announced Monday.

Since its introduction in 2006, over 1,400 million Blu-ray pre-recorded discs, 188 million Blu-ray recordable/rewritable discs, 50 million Blu-ray players and recorders, 41 million PlayStation 3 units and over 25 million Blu-ray PC readers and writers have been manufactured, according to a statement released by the four firms.

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Cloudberry3644d ago

Congrats then.

Still lingering those old "doomed" articles in my head, lol.

captain-obvious3644d ago

what ???

that can be right

good job Sony

RageAgainstTheMShine3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

the Blu-Ray Association:

The current 19 board members (as of June 2009) are:[4]
Apple Inc.
Dell Inc.
Hitachi, Ltd.
Intel Corporation
LG Electronics
Mitsubishi Electric
Panasonic Corporation
Pioneer Corporation
Royal Philips Electronics
Samsung Electronics
Sharp Corporation
Sony Corporation
Sun Microsystems
TDK Corporation
Technicolor SA
20th Century Fox
Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group
Warner Bros. Entertainment

The contributors as of June 2009 are:[4]
Acer Inc.
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Almedio Inc.
AudioDev AB
BluFocus Inc.
Broadcom Corporation
Canon Inc.
CESI Technology Co. Ltd.
China Hualu group Co., Ltd.
CMC Magnetics Corporation
Corel Corporation
Cryptography Research Inc.
DCA Inc.
Deluxe Digital Studios, Inc.
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Dreamer Co., Ltd.
DTS, Inc.
Eclipse Data Technologies
Fraunhofer IIS
Fujitsu Ltd.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
Gibson Guitar Corporation
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Lionsgate Entertainment
Lite-On IT Corporation
Macrovision Corp.
Marvell International Ltd.
MediaTek Inc
Meridian Audio, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co.Ltd.
Monster Cable Products
Moser Baer India Limited
NEC Electronics Corporation
Nero AG
nVidia Corporation
Osmosys SA
Paramount Pictures Corporation
Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sensio Technologies Inc.
ShibaSoku Co. Ltd.
Sigma Designs
Singulus Technologies
Sonic Solutions
ST Microelectronics
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.,
Testronic Laboratories, Inc.
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC)
Visionare Corporation
Warner Music Group
Zoran Corporation

How? Just how?

vsr3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Bluray is important to Film - Games industry. Everyone knows that TRUTH. It lead to 3D, 1080p, copy protection, scratch free to the industry. Haters can't do anything against the HUGE bluray association. Even HD DVD founder member Toshiba also adapted Bluray. Haters only can do brainwashing of poor people.

vsr3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Do you like to record your VALUABLE FAMILY EVENTS on HD Bluray or Standard DVD ?

bviperz3644d ago

That's easy, you didn't even have to list anything. The reason why is because the 360 and MS backed HD-DVD.

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beavis4play3644d ago

i'd really like for all of the sites (CNET; bruce on games, are 2 examples) that reported the "bluray is doomed" stories to have to write retractions admitting they were wrong.

AssassinHD3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

That would require a certain degree of integrity. Journalistic integrity is a fairy tale ideal these days.

MNicholas3644d ago

Studios and manufacturers got together many years ago to push Blu-Ray as the next standard.

The reason is simple. It allows 1080P, 3D, 7.1 audio (with room for future formats), more complex software, etc which all = more disc sales and TV sales.

Nihilism3644d ago

I hate to be the one to break your heart MNicolas...but all of those things were on PC long before the existence of Blu-Ray...

A disk format is just that, something that was adopted as the norm, you will note the 'norm' in gaming at present is 30 frames and 720p....things that were standard on PC in 2000.

I hope the next standard is less propreitry for innovation sake.

We don't need another 'dvd' where it sticks for 10 years.

I don't know who is to blame for the aspect ratio of media/TV aspect ratio discrepancy, but it seems like a 'one step ahead' maneuver' to entice us to but the next 'gen' of is the point of 1080p TV"s with 2.4:1 movie standards :S

n4gno3644d ago

Resolution is not everything dumbpctroll, most of the pc games, even on 1080, don't have the look of best consoles games.

the best experience for your living room is bluray and console (if you don't want to pay, pc is the real deal, i agree/h264 is not bluray quality, but it's good enough).

by the way, 3D on pc did'nt have the quality of the new standard (cinema and tv).

Nihilism3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

"3D on pc did'nt have the quality of the new standard (cinema and tv). "


Yeah 60 frames per second is totally inferior to 24frame duplicated frame or 30 frame 3d


console troll= lowering the I.Q of trolls since 2005.

My PC is connected to my TV and I also have a Blu-Ray player and another HDTV and Blu-Ray player, but I wouldn't let that 24/30 frame headache inducing B.S touch my TV.

Simon_Brezhnev3644d ago

even if it was on PC is was not pushed like it was on PS3 no matter how you try 2 spin it lmfao.

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piroh3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

DualShock won Emmy for the best controller. congrats

Cloudberry3644d ago

I don't see it on the link, or is there another link?

Oner3644d ago

So that makes 3 that I know of

DualShock 3 Emmy ~

PS3's XMB ~

And now BD ~

Any others?

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3644d ago

Well done Panasonic and Philips (which the title fails to mention). Also well done to Sony for paying big for Warner Bros and Walt Disney.

supremacy3644d ago

Well done for taking the heat and risk by including and centering the playstation brand on bluray through ps3, being that to this day it is still the bluray player used in most homes across the globe.

And for everything else you stated.

KingPin3644d ago

wow supremacy...seems like you still stuck in 2007. there are plenty of games worth playing on the ps3. id know- im enjoying most of them :)

but nice try knocking people who use there console for more than playing games.

thehitman3644d ago

Gave up their PURE dominance in the console market just to incorporate BLu-Ray which was a short term bad finicial move which the consumers/gamers benefited from (Me). Standing ovation for Sony.

MeatPopsicle3644d ago


The fact that you are still trying to spread that silly little lie just shows how bitter you still are Sony and Blu-Ray kicked Toshiba and Microsoft's HD-DVD to the trash heap of dead and failed formats.

AceofStaves3644d ago

Still angry about the failure of HD-DVD? Take it up with Warner Bros., since it struck the final nail in HD-DVD's coffin. Not even the HD-DVD exclusivity deal with Paramount and Dreamworks could save the HD-DVD format.

PS360fanboy3644d ago

HD DVD led the race actually but money spoke louder at the time...

AceofStaves3644d ago

Considering the financial deal struck by the HD-DVD side to secure HD-DVD exclusivity from Paramount and Dreamworks, it's pointless to claim Blu-Ray won because of money spent by Sony.

Consumers favoured Blu-Ray. WB gave HD-DVD a chance, but the simple fact is that not enough HD-DVDs were sold during the holiday season of 2007 for WB. Thus, they chose Blu-Ray. Even 300, which initially released with more features on HD-DVD, sold more on Blu-Ray.

The marketplace is harsh.

dead_eye3644d ago

Blu ray was always ahead of HD DVD. Bigger space and in every PS3. HD DVD never had a chance

Motorola3644d ago

HD DVD was no way better than Blu Ray....

Eu3644d ago

Only 4-5 studios were lauching for both platforms , and only 2 were exclusive to HD-DVD and rest..hum...about 6-10 studios were BD exclusive....yeah, money did speak louder. HD-DVD lauched first, did have some months prior to BD and look where it got in the end...

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Information Minister3644d ago

Why don't you congratulate Microsoft for paying big to Rockstar and Activision for the timed DLC. If that's not investing to push the medium forward, I don't know what is./s

The real killer3644d ago

Microsoft on the other hand paid multiplat developers to look the game same as the 360 counterpart. I think Sony did not paid those studio's.

Also, Microsoft paid Toshiba for supporting to agains Blu-Ray and Microsoft paid allot other movie studio's big money for support exclusive HD-DVD but Warner and Disney did not take the bate.

joeorc3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Sony did not have to pay for Warner Bro's or Disney..the reason..before the 1st HD DVD player..we are talking a 3 full year's before apr 10th 2003 Sony already had a Blu-Ray video recorder in the Consumer market..Long before HD DVD

SONY BDZ-S77 Recorder Review

and if you did'nt know already both Warner and Disney were on the board of Directors of the BDA since its creation...

11 of the largest Consumer Electronic's companies already decided on blu-ray in 2002, Toshiba an NEC brought them another format in 2004 with an in 2006 Sony and NEC made Sony Optiarc. that left Toshiba on it's own along with it's only other supporter being Microsoft.

HD DVD failed because it was one CE manuf. VS 11 of the other CE manuf. it's sort of like Apple only one who builds iphones where as many other smartphone companies build with the Android or Windows 7 OS attached on the hardware. EVEN though Apple is quite well off they cannot output more devices at apple vs every other Smartphone manuf.

it's very simple HD DVD was not going to win because all other's were building Blu-Ray an not HD DVD.

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Akagi3644d ago

Come on, M$. Adopt Blu Ray. It won't bite.

Calm Down Sunshine3644d ago

I doubt even Greenburg could manage to eat a slice of humble pie THAT big.

beavis4play3644d ago

he was a huge detractor of all things sony as well.

MisterNiwa3644d ago

I bet Gabe was the original actor for Jabba De Hudd.

MisterNiwa3644d ago

Would be too much of an embarrasment now, even though the hardcore xbox fanboys will defend every act of microsoft.

Pug3644d ago

I think they will have to for the next XBox.

DD at a global level is simply not going to be there, yes maybe it will be viable for some territories and specifically within the cities of some countries but by no means will it be enough for them to not put a physical format in and I can't see past Blu Ray at the moment. Funny to think that Sony will make a little bit of royalty for every game/console Microsoft sells come the next generation.

sashimi3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Maybe M$ will keep never know lol. Hopefully not though.

supremacy3644d ago

And what are you on about? My reply in no way disses sony, in contrary it strenghens their contributions to the now standard bluray format.

That was my point.

We all know the games are there,and believe me I buy mostly exclusives for obvious reasons.

Ill say it like this, sony was and still is the main reason bluray succeeded and wisely so used the playstation brand to help speed its success. I mean even to this day the ps3 is in 41 million homes across the world meaning it is by many standards the bluray player used in many homes.

However this doesnt mean that, that is what the ps3 is purchased for or mainly use as. It is just saying that it is one if not the main reason for blurays success.
Because lets face it, sony could have gone with DvD instead and I bet you not only would the ps3 be alot cheaper and most likely in the lead.

But also bluray wouldnt have reached success the way it ultimately did.

Now you can take it the wrong way and disagree with what I am saying here or you could see it in another way which may finally make you understand the point i am trying to convey here.

But it is what it is I suppose.

YoungKingDoran3644d ago

yeah couldnt work out the insane reactions to your comment

IRetrouk3644d ago

its because most peps on here are either fanboys or young teenagers that dont understand things or read things properly, wouldnt worry about it too much, this sites gone to the dogs.

joeorc3644d ago


Sony supported, but Blu-Ray would have Won even wthout the PS3..the reason being HD DVD was being built by only one CE manuf. 11 0f the largest CE manuf's all chose Blu-Ray..Toshiba had no way of winning..HD DVD was Toshiba's Betamax..Hell without Microsoft support Toshiba would have thrown in the towl along time ago..the whole point of that stupid HD DVD vs Blu-Ray was about mainly the control software Java vs IHD.

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