Soundtrack Spotlight – Halloweek!

CFD!'s Nate Andrews rounds up some classic spooky cuts as Halloweek comes to a close:

"(Soundtrack Spotlight is an undead CFD! feature looking to devour all things VGM. Every full moon we shamble towards the best in droning tones, grave rob and reanimate new releases and forgotten cuts, and bring you the scariest in afterlife auditory awesomennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaa rrrrrrrgggggghhhh.)

"If you haven’t realized from the superfluous amount of candy and costumes accumulating ‘round your neighborhood, today is Halloween.

"Don’t worry, we remembered for you, and that’s why we’ve devoted this past week of content to the most devious and cavity-inducing of pagan festivities.

"Today, we’re wrapping up the fun with a Soundtrack Spotlight devoted to some of the best and most effectively disturbing music from games usually typified as “scary”."

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ShadowPraxis3650d ago

Mmmmmm... Akira Yamaoka. Sooo good.

Ndigity3650d ago

Yeah, he kinda makes up the bulk of it ;)

ShadowPraxis3650d ago

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

SynGamer3650d ago

Random side note: I can't wait for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.

ShadowPraxis3649d ago

Good suggestion for a future SS installment.

RogueCheddar3649d ago

Actually, I didn't realize it was Halloween until I left my house around 7 on Sunday.

RobsteinOne3649d ago

Oh god, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. I miss that game so much...