The PlayStation Move Push Gets Weirder

Unusually dressed models showing off the Move motion controller as part of the PlayStation showcase at last week's Paris Games Week. Never mind the Move, when will Sony release the official PS3 head-mounted disc?

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Dark3603276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


Anon19743276d ago

That's Europe. Gotta love love it. Not nearly as crazy as the Japanese though. When I visited Osaka a couple of years back it was kinda like arriving into Blade Runner. Can't wait to go back!

nix3276d ago

they forgot to mention.. that the models action were 1:1. q:

DemiT3276d ago



1:1 weird

Christopher3276d ago

Is anyone really surprised, though? I mean, c'mon, it's Paris, this is pretty tame and standard for them.

rrw3276d ago

its paris. no need explanation

Mr_Bun3276d ago

Those were actually just random people from the audience

panasonic233276d ago

hey at least it not like MS KKK outfits at E3

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