Player Affinity: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

Jon Jamrog wrote: "I had pretty high expectations for The Force Unleashed 2. I was a big fan of the original and despite some big flaws it was still one of my favorite games of this generation. When a sequel was announced it seemed too good to be true, a chance to fix all the mistakes in the original while potentially improving on everything I loved about the first—Yes please! Unfortunately, The Force Unleashed 2 fails to deliver on those ambitions."

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Invadersims3650d ago

I really loved the review but despite the criticism I will still have to play this game.

RobertMF3650d ago

Well, this review sold me - on the first game. The second, well, maybe I'll rent it someday. Nice review, Jon.

DDMNeo3644d ago

Too bad. The demo had me ready to pay out $50, but messing with storm troopers can be done at a much lower price.