GameStop Makes Me Feel Used

Why does the gaming community continue to support a chain of stores with filthy stores, and even filthier ideals?

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come_at_me_bro3650d ago

I stopped buying games from GameStop years ago.

SKUD3649d ago

Some people just never learn bro.

D4RkNIKON3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I buy new games from GameStop. I don't trade in games or buy used unless it's my intention to return it for full credit after beating it.

In fact, I just beat Heavy Rain tonight and I plan to return it to game stop tomorrow with my receipt and get something else like the RDR Undead Nightmare pack.

3649d ago
HolyOrangeCows3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Without used games sales, Publishers would have complete and total power over pricing; we wouldn't have an alternative.

GameStop is a great place to buy used games.
(Not to sell TO, though)

bruddahmanmatt3649d ago

WAH WAH WAH BOO F'IN HOO, STHU and wait the 24 hours to get your stuff from Amazon then. The reason I hate Gamestop is because they take the discs out of the cases so you know what, I don't shop there. The guy who wrote this article is being a total girl about the whole thing though. "I didn't go to Best Buy or Target because I choose not to shop there". Well then tough s**t for you Nancy. If you had anything that resembled a brain you'd know that Target's bargain bin is a gold mine for 1-2 year old games on clearance. Batman Arkham Asylum, $12 son. Everyone knows Gamestop sucks by now but the simple fact of the matter is that most folks (just like you the author) break down and become impatient. "Oh, b-b-but, the 24 hours". Life does exist outside the realm of Playstation you know.

Zydake3649d ago

I will never buy from Gamestop after they sold me a Uncharted 2 GoTY copy with the GoTY content voucher code being expired and they were not willing to let me to return it.

SaiyanFury3649d ago

As much as I disagree with some of their policies, I only buy new games there, and even then that's pretty uncommon. My least favourite policy they have is removing the disc from a display box and trying to sell it as new. They say the disc has never been *used* so it's new. If I buy a new game and while in the store, open said game and try to sell it back to them, they call it "used". So when I try to buy a new game and they tell me they only have the display copy left, before they can even turn around from the computer I'm already walking for the door. I ain't buying opened merchandise for new price.

ilikecookies3649d ago

If a Gamestop didn't take back your game because of the code problem then the manager and store employees were douches because at my store we are refunding anyone who has a bad code in GOTY Uncharted 2

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madpuppy3649d ago

I have never walked into a gamestop that wasn't clean, spotless and organized.

sure, the prices tend to be full retail ( I don't buy used games) but, they are going to implement the 10-20.00 of your next purchase deals that they do online into the brick and mortar stores with the change to the new Power up rewards card. They needed to just to compete with retailers from kmart to Amazon.

Focker4203649d ago

It was really sad. I went in to buy New Vegas on release day and they already had a sign up that said they'd only give you $25 trade-in for it. And the same for Castlevania which I got the week before. I felt like a complete tool for even buying a game from them.

ilikecookies3649d ago

Yea that does suck =/ the most you get for a game that was just released will be 25$ I don't think I have ever seen a higher price than that =/

Merivigian3650d ago

Buy my games from gamestop then walmart.. an even filthier store if I might add.

Cevapi883649d ago

they just need to raise their standards for what is acceptable as a "used product" employees should encourage customers to test anything they are buying from the store...that way you build rapport with the customer as well as trust...and it makes your company more reliable since Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart have begun their own used sales sectors

Zashule3649d ago

about Play N Trade, if you have one in your area, check it out. Ours resurfaces every game that comes through and has a try before you buy policy. Avoided a few bad games that way. I will never be going back to a GameStop again.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3649d ago

"I asked for a Move bundle, of which they had a pile of about 20 behind the counter. “Nope,” I said. The woman said “Oh.

Well, that’s fine. But the controllers needed to be pre-ordered. We don’t have enough of those left.”


rdgneoz33649d ago

Don't forget Best Buy, who will ask you if you want them to install your PS3 game or upgrade your PS3's firmware...

hiredhelp3650d ago

i say keep to buying online. and even selling online.

CommonCent3649d ago

I agree, hell you get substantially better trade in value through Amazon most of the time.

Rocket Sauce3649d ago

Amazon just offered me 50% off Marvel vs Capcom 3...I love them.

FuckinUsername3650d ago

This is why you don't take games in if they are in a poor condition.
Your meant to check these games to see that they aren't scratched to hell..

And if they are.. take some of the value off of the disc.

Gamestation > Gamestop

rdgneoz33649d ago

Good thing I've never had a blue ray disk of mine scratch or found a used game with the BR inside scratched.

ilikecookies3649d ago

The thing is, GameStop does do that. This guy just walked out without checking his disc. I work at a GameStop so I know that they will happily change the disc for you or just give you your money back, and if you choose to take it we can offer a 10-15% discount on it and you still have the option to return it for a full refund within 7 days if it was bought used.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3650d ago

If you're in the US just use Gamefly the disc are allways perfect.

Imperator3649d ago

Almost always, I've had two 360 disks that were unplayable. Still, once you report it they send you another one almost ASAP so there's really no complaining from me.

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