John McGinley talks about his Dead Head Fred role

Getting into the role of Fred from Dead Head Fred was easy for Scrubs actor John McGinley. "This guy was unique because, well ... his head was gone! With him, you could really just open up your imagination and roll out a cavalcade of eccentricities and see what makes sense to you. It was pretty much unlike anything I've ever done before." Indeed, not having a head certainly makes for a unique character to get into.

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RadientFlux4067d ago

nice to have an article on the site that isn't flamebait

spammy_nooo4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

huh i had no idea he was acting for this game. hes one of my favorite actors as of now.

this should get approved, though it probably wont.

and that sites designer needs to be hit in the face with shovel. hard. white text on a red(maroon)background is just crazy hard on my eyes, they should know that. shame on them.

Charlie26884067d ago

UBER SWEET! now I am buying this game XD