Fable 3: Why the hate?

With all the trending topics of hate Fable 3 has been victimized of as of late, one can only imagine if Fable 3 is really as bad as the complaints it has received.

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Merivigian3650d ago

I freakin' loved every single Fable that has come out. Fable 3 was a natural step that I say they nailed on the head. I remember another game that went for a similar look at things - uh hum GOD FATHER II- Yea. I think Fable 3 did it better.

MelonieMac3650d ago

Yes, I love Fable 3. :) I can see some people's perspective as to why they dislike it, but overall I think it is an awesome game. One of my favorites of the year.

StanLee3650d ago

I agree. I love Fable 3. I loved Fable 2. If you weren't a fan of Fable, Fable 3 wont sway you but it's still a great game.

EscoBlades3650d ago

Molyneux. Glitches. No innovation.

In that order.

Ninferno3650d ago

I can understand the glitches part, but those dont make it necessarily a bad game. Especially when there's not a whole lot of it. People just like to complain about big blockbuster games, because, quite frankly, it's exposed to lots of people.

Merivigian3650d ago

See people dogging out Force Unleashed II as much as Fable 3, yet I see NO INNOVATION (yet) in FU2 thus far that I have played it. I've seen barely any changes either. When I popped in Fable 3, I noticed changes right away.. something I like to see, doesn't make your game feel like DLC.

Ninferno3650d ago

People see what they want to see. There are plenty of games with absolutely no innovation that get no heat for it whatsoever.

Godmars2903650d ago

Molyneux is the main issue. All the emotion and passion he uses to talk up a game goes nowhere near the finished product. Deep social interaction becomes farting.

IuseC43650d ago

I am playing through Fable 2 at the moment. Have not touched 3 yet, but I cant wait to!

All I can say is.... the Internet. Haters gonna hate.

zelldincht4763650d ago

I agree mel, change the story but why change the style of a great game? I still need to try it out though!

Trevin1233650d ago

Totally agree with you Mell you have just won yourself a new fan great point of veiw !

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