Xbox Live comments on problems with the latest Dashboard.

Xbox LIVE Operations Blog issues comment related to the problems with the latest Dashboard update.

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feelintheflow3649d ago

is during the first few hours I wasn't able to download the new netflix interface, but this evening it worked and everything is working fine so far.

T9X693649d ago

I haven't had any problems what so ever, I guess I'm a lucky one.

AAACE53649d ago

I downloaded at 8am and no problems what so ever! Still didn't test out the voice chat yet, but the video and sound on Netflix seems better. Overall, I like the redesign. Took a lil bit to get used to, but well worth the effort!

gamingdroid3649d ago

I was in the beta and don't remember even seeing a download screen for the final update. I did get the T&C page though.

Lightsaber3649d ago

seem to be very slow updating (took about 5 mins) other that it worked great. not sure about the new look tho

r1sh123649d ago

I havent really noticed any major issues either, although voice chat in part chat is a little weird.
These sorts of things usually get fixed fairly quickly by MS support

joydestroy3649d ago

i had the same problem with netflix. took a few times before it would work. but i've also experience a complete lock up on the dashboard, and another one while in game. there's def some issues. my guess is there will be a patch

GLoRyKnoT3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

EDIT: Say cheese!

marioPSUC3649d ago

I wish they would change the super bright white, play a dark game at night and press the Guide button and you will understand why many people are complaining about the bright white

wicked3649d ago

zune music is very slow.

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The story is too old to be commented.