Grudge Match: BioShock vs. Metroid Prime III: Corruption

There are decisions in life that are nearly impossible to make, like asking a parent to choose their favorite child, or deciding which is better, chocolate or vanilla. Such a mountain will be climbed today in this very article. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the latest entry in one of Nintendo's many long-running series. It's a fantastic game - as our 9.5 review score would have you believe - that delivers awesome action and a control scheme that has many thinking that the Wii could be the future destination of choice for the hardcore FPS gamers out there.


Please note that the IGN Editors picked Bioshock as the Winner,this was meant to spark a Debate

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unsunghero284067d ago

Thanks for approving an IGN Insider article, guys.

Real psyched about the whole "not being able to read it" thing.

Rooftrellen4067d ago

Since I can't read it, I'll assume MP3 is the better game for one simple reason.

You've never heard anything bad about MP3. The day after Bioshock came out, you heard nothing good about it, and two days after, you heard nothing about it.

Yeah, sure the Bioshock ordeal had to do with everything but the actual game, but since I can't read it, I have to assume. Oh well.

unsunghero284067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

BioShock is supposed to be really good.

And MP3 is also supposed to be really good.

Say anything different than that and, even if it's just your opinion, you're bound to get flamed by someone...

Sexius Maximus4067d ago

But I just beat Bioshock today, and the story is phenomenal. Tough to say anything bad about a near perfect game. The bad things that are being said about Bioshock are coming out of the mouths of people who can't play it (PS3 fanboys) IT ROCKS!!!

vickers5004067d ago

@Sexius Maximus

Its not just ps3 fanboys. They arent the only type of fanboy that exists in this world. There are nintendo fanboys that say bad things about this game. Grow up dude, there are fanboys of every type, even microsoft ones.

kooplar4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

all a ploy to try and make you and insider, tricky IGN bast****s trying to take our money. BEGONE!!

Xbox360Fanboy4067d ago

IGN doesn't that i'm broke now.

Video game cost too much for me.

I'm just a fanboy.

IGN bastards try to take out money for news. DAMN THEM BASTARDS!!!!!!

HELL DOWN!!!!!!!

razer4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

LOL! That made me fall out of my chair..

I've not played MP3 but I have seen a ton of video on it.. I'm sorry but I couldn't disagree more with this viewpoint. As a harcore FPS gamer, if I'm not playing my games in at least 720p HD you can forget it.. That's the reason I don't play FPS on my PSP.. Once you go HD you don't go back baby!

unsunghero284067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

"I have not played Metroid Prime 3 but I watched some videos and it sure doesn't look very good. F*ck that whole playing is believing sh*t and f*ck the fact that it has the best FPS controls of any console game ever, games are only good if you can tell that they are by videos."

Sorry, maybe I misread "if I'm not playing my games in at least 720p HD you can forget it." lol. I know my quote wasn't the real thing, but it wasn't you so much as the Wii flamer stereotype.

And have you really played Metroid Prime 3? I'm not the only person who thinks it has the best FPS controls of any console game ever, so it would just surprise me if you honestly didn't appreciate what the Wii remote's IR could do.

razer4067d ago

at least quote what I said..

tell me where in my post I said "it doesn't look very good"??

I am simply commenting (and disagreeing) on how he says the Wii could be the future destination of choice for hardcore FPS gamers. I have played the first couple MP's and yes they were good for there time but this game looks much of the same. And the fact that I hate the stupid Nunchuck and Wiimote in general (yes I've played the Wii a bunch) so your "best controls of any console game ever" is simply your opinion and I do not agree with it if it involves that damn WiiChuk crap.

Rooftrellen4067d ago

It's quite funny, that you tell me once I go HD, I don't go back, but I was thinking the same about the wiimote and FPS.

So I guess your opinion on the matter is really no more valid than mine, and we must agree that neither high end graphics or the wiimote are the end all and be all of FPS.

That being said, in all seriousness, without being able to read the reasons, I still think MP3 would come out on top. The story is less cliche and it was always meant to be a one player experiance, while Bioshock feels like you should be against other people at some point.

Xiru4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

I can't believe everyone thinks Metroid is that great. Back when the original came out, it was nice for its time. Beautiful graphics that pushed the limit of the gamecube, epic story line and good gameplay. Now its nothing special. There should be no contest here. Bioshock is pushing the limits of technology and has a deep in depth "fresh" story. MP3 is more of the same. Its good for the Wii but come on. Bioshock is a breath of fresh air for hardcore gamers everywhere. When a small development house puts out such an amazing game, you can only imagine what is possible if the "big guns" work on something this epic. Wii is not the future of fps. PC will always be the king. Next up might be 360 if they would ever allow Kb/Mouse. I can't believe IGN is using this to get subscriptions. Its a no contest and Bioshock takes it in every way. It could even be the game of the year. And yes, I am a PS3 fanboy and I'm very upset I can't play Bioshock. I could just get it on the PC but its not the same for me. I've played it on my brothers 360 and it blew me away.

unsunghero284067d ago

Because pixel-perfect aiming is a standard in game consoles, right?

Xiru4067d ago

Wow touched a nerve eh? Yeah, FPS on 360 are still better than Wii. Controls or not. Play Farcry on the Wii then play it on the 360 and tell me the Wii is better. In theory the Wii is better, but it hasn't been executed correctly for online playing. It might be good in Metroid but yes, the PC will always be the best and whatever system gets a KB/Mouse for its fps will always be better than the Wii.

Xbox360Fanboy4067d ago

MP come out first then they copy ideas to make BioShock look good on it's side.

Still I'm with MP3.


Xiru4067d ago

Explain what they copied? I really see no comparison. Bioshock is an original masterpiece. Metroid is a good game but its been done before.

unsunghero284067d ago

Sorry, you're right, Far Cry is the Wii's killer app, I forgot. Silly me, it slipped my mind that bad ports should be the Wii's benchmark instead of the games that are actually good. My mistake.

And yes, mouse is superior to Wii remote, if by a hair. Of course. But you don't play Gears or Halo with a mouse, they're meant for dual analog. If mouse was a standard the story would admittedly be different, but it isn't.

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