The Brink diaries; classes, upgrades and body types explained

PS3 Attitude speaks to Richard Ham, creative director at Splash Damage, about the various classes, upgrades and body types present in Brink.

"Our Skinny guy, the acrobatic body type: that’s the one. Not only does it let you do the SMART stuff that lets you very smoothly and easily traverse any terrain. The skinny guy can actually do double-jumps. They can actually climb up twenty foot tall walls, because they get half-way up and then they jump again, and they can sprint off of walls, and grab onto ledges, and get to places that our level designers never expected to get to."

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NewsForMe3650d ago

The only multiplayer shooter I'm buying in 2011.

maawdawg3650d ago

This game is shaping up to have some really good team play and so substantial depth. Something away from the norm is always nice.