The Playstation Phone: An Overview

This was the picture that set the internet ablaze on Tuesday: an apparent photo of the upcoming Playstation phone. A lot, which is something of an understatement, has gone on since then, but don’t worry. You won’t have to trawl through various articles to piece together exactly what this thing is; that’s what I’m here for. Let me take this bag of snakes and lay ‘em out straight for you.

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drewboy7043646d ago

They should have taken out the arrows and added a thin analog stick or something. Also as an Idea... The Iphone has the ipod touch which is the same thing with out the phone. Who's to say this won't bt the same way. we could be looking at the PSP2 and the PSP Phone at the same time

Jdoki3646d ago

I think Sony need to be careful here.

IF they market this as a gaming orientated Android phone - it could be a hit.

But IF they intend to try and carve out their own niche, then it's gonna fail, hard!

Unless Sony DRM the heck out of the phone, and introduce their own app store / game store, then there's no reason why any other Android users would not be able to play the games. Do Sony really want their Playstation brand associated so strongly with Android?

If they call it the PSP Phone, people are going to expect the PSP library to work with it - but that's unlikely looking at the rumoured specs.

If they call it the Playstation phone, people are going to expect it to have all the Playstation IP's appear on it - but as I said above... Unless they phone is heavy on the DRM (which goes against Androids open principles), then anyone with an Android phone will be able to play those games.

Also, there's the market message... Is this predominantly a phone or gaming device? Is it competing with other Android devices? Or the Nintendo DS (or worse the 3DS)? Or with the iPhone?