PS3 version of Dragon Age Ultimate Edition broken, Needs Re-mastering

AATG:"The UK version of Dragon Age Ultimate Edition on the PS3 has apparently been incorrectly mastered leading to key content not actually being on the game disc.

The Return to Ostergar DLC is not on actually the Blu-Ray, and while there is a DLC package listed with this name, it appears to instead be the contents of one of the other DLCs."


Official proof of the problem can be found here:

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Quagmire3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Not good! I was wanting to pick this up.

himdeel3650d ago

...becuase I didn't know Sony produced Dragon Age. Sound like an EA problem.

Akagi3650d ago

Yeah, just fanboys scrounging for hits. This is a publisher's problem.

TekoIie3650d ago

Yeh i thought the same thing. How does an EA fail translate into a SONY fail??? Oh thats right cuz its on PS3, well everyone we all know that Hairyarse is a troll and that this article is now flamebait because some dumbass decided to put "Epic Sony fail" in the title...

NegativeCreepWA3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

They couldn't fit all that data on a BluRay disc, should of went with DVD. I kid, I kid. :)

Anyways how is this Sony's fault again?

jeseth3650d ago

But its definitely a rpoblme for someone at EA. Nothing like getting fired for a major screw up to start your holiday season!

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Eddie201013650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

N4G tittle epic fail (Fanboy Epic Fail)

The real Tittle of the article is: PS3 version of Dragon Age Ultimate Edition broken

The problem is an EA mistake not a Sony Mistake.

Christopher3650d ago

How is this a Sony fail, again?

awiseman3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I am trying to prove my case that N4G is infested with ps3 fanboyzz but if this clown xbox fanboy/troll keeps putting anti sony fliambait titles my case wont be convincing...

And yes this is an publisher issue not Sony issue. Thats like scratching a disk and when u load it on ur computer it says disk damaged and then blaming microsoft for giving u buggy windows. wat an idiot.

yewles13650d ago

So a 360 Fanboy stating "Noob article title, Trying to score cheap hits." is proof of PS3 Fanboys controlling a website? XD You Nüremburg Nazis are too much.

xAlmostPro3650d ago

what could have actually been 'news' gets turned into a fanboy article "Epic sony fail" just because its on the ps3 its sonys fail? LOL..

sucks for the people who bought it though :(

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callahan093650d ago

This has nothing to do with Sony...

Raoh3650d ago

you should contact EA customer support for your local region and they will be able to manually add the Return to Ostagar DLC to your EA account.

who do we blame for your poor journalism?

phntom3650d ago

Misleading title, but well, what do we expect from a butthurt retarded fanboy of Xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.