Hitman 5 Rumours Denied by iO Interactive

Following a recent spate of rumours concerning the highly-anticipated fifth instalment in the Hitman franchise, series developers iO Interactive have today denied that there is any truth to the gossip. Directly in the firing-line is some recent artwork, which had surfaced last week and taken as genuine confirmation that a fifth Hitman game is in the works. Not so, according to iO Interactive.

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Hellsvacancy3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

GOOD! that so called "artwork" makes 47 look gay, and younger, did mention he looks gay?

HitMan V is alive though, in an interview i read (on N4G) last week David Bateman (HitMans voice actor) said himself he saw sum PROPER artwork which was (as they all say) "mindblowin"

kevco333650d ago

Yeah, considering it was supposed to be "Leaked" artwork, it's not actually all the good. Not at all professional looking enough...

49erguy3650d ago

Yeah, if the guy in the bad artwork was green he'd look like an alien cause his eyes are black slits apparently.

Pitiful. Almost as bad as the fake PS4 concepts.

Coheno3650d ago

Heh, didn't even see that before you mentioned it!

Man In Black3650d ago

That artwork is pretty badly photoshopped. Look closely, the top of his head, down to his nose are taken from the Blood Money boxart. The mouth is taken from something else.

Akagi3650d ago

Why the hell is 47 doing the New Jersey guido pout in that picture?

renegade3650d ago

The art guy maybe from Jersey.. :D

gamerdude1323650d ago


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Coheno3650d ago

They are fake. Guy who made them is enjoying the attention on his blog.

3650d ago
BDSE3650d ago

That's a shame, they wont do hitman 5 but they'll keep churning out the crap that is Kane and Lynch.

3650d ago
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