Motorstorm additional content imminent

PS3 Attitude reveal that SCEE are about to drop two new vehicle packs plus the Coyote Revenge Weekend Pass on the Playstation Network to further augment Motorstorm. The weekend pass includes two new tracks...

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jtmill074068d ago

That's what i'm talking about. SWEEEEEEEEEET :-)

Maddens Raiders4068d ago

There is no other game *like Motorstorm on any system ever made. More content? Thanks Evolution !!!!!!!!! I'm going to lose my house and my job when you make Motorstorm 2, so take your time. =P

Omegasyde4067d ago

hmm I pray it has a split screen update. But 2 maps and some vehicles? Not bad as long as they don't go over $4.99 for it.

spammy_nooo4068d ago

i'd like to be excited about this but i got a bit tired of motorstorm a good while ago. i overplayed it because it was my first game and now its pplllllllppp. maybe this will help peak my interest again, but who knows?

heroman7114068d ago

i never got this game was it good ?

beavis4play4068d ago

i got it when it released and am still playing it. when you are racing with lots of cars around you(which happens a lot) the sh1t hits the fan.

ShiftyLookingCow4068d ago

I am not sure if its worth 60 bucks but if you liked Road Rash you will love this, I was so happy to punch from a bike after so many years. If you can rent it, go ahead, totally worth your time.

monkey6024068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

I'm not a real racing fan but I got motorstorm as a package deal with my PS3 and I love it

@rama below: seems you are getting in after all my comments at the moment haha. anyway you are right that is the one thing that annoys me and motorstorm could benefit from offline multiplayer

Rama262854068d ago

The big problem with this game (and I mean big problem) is there is no multiplayer apart from online. So in other words, you can't play it with your mates when they come round your house, you can only play against other people online. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!? That is the reason I have never gotten this game - oh and you blow up waaaay too easily.

masterg4068d ago

I think its one of the best racers out there.
I think nothing has beaten it yet when it comes to graphics.

Maddens Raiders4067d ago

if you take this gorgeous game and squash down into a horizontal vs. or a god awful ugly side by side split -- it would take away SO MUCH from the experience. That is the only reason I disagree you. This is the FIRST racing game (And I LOVE GT) that I can say deserves to be on a remote or LAN vs. setup.

I'm sure GT will surpass this game graphically as well and I must say that it will and should be setup the same. JUST my little 'ol opinion.

The Snake4067d ago

I don't like racing games in general, but there are 3 franchises I love. Motorstorm is newest on the list, the others being Burnout and Mario Kart.

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beavis4play4068d ago

if coyote revenge is just a reversed track of one in the game then we better get it for free! i won't buy a track unless it's brand new.

DolphGB4067d ago

...and the other new track, Eagle's Nest, is in the weekend pass pack too...

ShiftyLookingCow4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

I hope they don't charge more than $10 if its not free

monkey6024068d ago

it shouldnt even cost 10 really considering you bought the game already a few euro is all i'll pay

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