PSN!: Revolution confirms new unannounced games for PS3. Maybe Broken Sword?

On exclusive words to PSN!, Revolution explains that classic titles like the original "Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars" may not suit on PlayStation 3. But the studio confirms that unannounced games will be released on PSN.

On textual words:

"We don't feel that our current games which are not HD are suitable for PlayStation, but for our new titles, we will be releasing versions on PSN. I am afraid that I am not able to reveal what those games are, yet :-)"

Is this the beginning of the first Next-gen Broken Sword?

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alojuanjo3646d ago

Great news! Will be a new Broken Sword? I hope so!

Thanks again for the exclusive PSNow!

monkpunk13646d ago

"As i picked myself up all i could hear was the ceaseless drone of traffic. Life went on around me but that explosion was going to change my life forever"

Give me more point and click adventures like the first one...

gaden_malak3646d ago

Definitely. Love the point and click games.

disturbing_flame3646d ago

Hope people will not going crazy if it's not exclusive.

Good news by the way

Brewski0073646d ago

Don't really care about exclusive this or exclusive that myself, as long as I get to play it thats all that matters.
Hope its a new broken sword too !

Mr2Good33646d ago

i just want dead will you please announce the release date.

despair3646d ago

November is the date I saw, but when in November I have no idea.

Galvanise_3646d ago

I'd love them to release the old original Broken Sword games in HD on PSN. Love all those games.

A new Broken Sword would be ace too!

otacon683646d ago

Rerelease of BS 1 and 2 in HD and move support would be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.