30plusgamer Review: Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse Ep. 1

By chance George is reunited with Nico, a french journalist with whom he has been through quite some adventures already. When a shady individual wearing a helmet and carrying a pizza box sets foot inside the gallery things spiral out of control quite quickly. The exhibition is the target of a heist and when Henry, the owner of the gallery, tries to come between the helmed robber and ‘La Mallefidicio’ he gets shot. So far this might sound like an ordinary robbery that went bad or does it? If so then why was the alarm to precisely to La Mallefidicio sabotaged? How is a Dominican Priest involved and why does he insists that the painting is evil? It seems that once again fate threw the two friends together, making them walk down a path of conspiracy filled mystery…and murder.

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