7.0 The Shoot Review

After the disappointment that was Time Crisis: Razing Storm, the hopes of the on-rails shooter fan were left with Sony’s new and somewhat promising looking franchise, The Shoot. Staged on varying movie sets, the game gives you control of the gun hand of a movie star, and tasks you with putting in a slick performance in order to impress the highly-strung director.

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uNDIsBUted3271d ago

Not move enabled, but something that can only be played using Move. Yes it does matter. Did you buy move just so that you could play games you could already play better on your regular controller?
Does move have any game that is an 80 or above?

JoeReno3271d ago

How are options so easily dissmissed buy people like you. Yeah, the launch games that are Move only are not AAA games, but the few that i have played, ive enjoyed. Sports Champs, the Shoot, Tumble, and time crisis. All good fun. I really dont understand why people are so hung up on games that are built from the ground up for Move. Is it because you are just saying what you read Greenburg say? Because it sure sounds that way.

For my self, I dont hold adding on Move support for games that I already own against it. Its a bonus for me, but the again im wasting my time replying to your comment it because it was very much based in the art of trolling.

raztad3271d ago

"Did you buy move just so that you could play games you could already play better on your regular controller?"

I bought MOVE to play MAG. I'm happy with my purchase. MOVE is very fun in FPSes and I dont feel like using the ds3. Sport Champions is good fun too. RE5 is much better with MOVE.


The Shoot is solid but short. I'll get it later or perhaps just wait for Dead Space 2. Time Crisis reviews disappoint me greatly.