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User Review : The Shoot

  • Fun Fun Fun!!!
  • Barely any Violence
  • Lot's of hidden stuff to find
  • Cursor sometimes drifts, needing a re-cal
  • Losing a 100x multiplier because you missed!!
  • That there might not be a Shoot 2

"The Shoot" hits a's Showtime!!!

Well, where to begin. I could begin with how good this game is. I could begin with how wrong most of the "big-serious-established- website-reviews" are. I could begin with all the hate towards next gen motion controls. So many things to talk about.

Well, lets start from the beginning. "The Shoot" is a motion control based shooting-gallery type game from Cohort Studios, released by SCEE on October 12, 2010. The game didn't receive much media attention; I was made aware of it via the PSN demo. Having 2 move controllers and the PS eye, I figured it was worth a download at least. Having then tried it, I kept in on my PS3 hard-drive so the wife and kids could try it out. We all agreed it was a fun game, and so we played the demo several times when we had the chance. I didn't want to spend money on the full game however, due to most of the major review scores being so low. It's sitting at a 59 on Metacritic, with the highest score being 82 from Digital Chumps, and the lowest score from, who gave the game a 30 (I question whether even played the game, or just gave the review to the resident Kinect fanboy).

Then came an article from the much respected titled "PS3's the Shoot with Playstation Move: $40 well spent" can see the article at

The article, written by Ben Kuchera, went on to praise the game for it's fun competitive nature, it's funny moments, and it's bargain price tag. Upon reading this, and trying the demo for myself, I went out and purchased the full Blu-ray version for the family.

This game is great: I haven't had this much fun with a game in a long time, probably since LittleBigPlanet first hit the PS3. The game has 5 themed levels, each with 4 scenes to master. In each scene, there are hidden posters, power ups, deleted scenes, and major "showstopper" moments, that when combined with a big multiplier, can result in huge scoring bonuses. The scores for each scene are added together, and if you get a good enough score, you can unlock the next movie and continue on.

One of the problems I have with most of the reviews out there is the mantra that this game is "short". Well, that's not really true. Sure, if you play thru and get the minimum score to unlock the next movie, you can finish the game in 1 day. But most likely, you won't know how to get a high enough score on each scene in order to unlock the next movie without playing thru a few times to master each movie. It would take the average gamer a couple of days (3-4 hours a day) to get a golden performance on each movie to complete the game. Keep in mind that at the end of each movie is a Boss, with mini-Bosses throughout all the scenes, each of which take a certain strategy to beat in order to keep your multiplier up.

But the game doesn't end after the last scene. Scattered throughout each movie are fragments of poster pieces that must be put together to unlock the challenges in each movie. For instance, finding all of the pieces from "Outlawed", the first movie in the game, you unlock a challenge mini-game called "Ricochet Hotshot", which you have to break moving targets, hats, and cans in order to rack up points. Each successive level gets faster, and once you miss 6 times, it's over. I am currently ranked 9th on the leaderboards, a feat which I am very proud of; oh and it was fun getting there.

There are also other mini-games: a home run derby type mini-game called Deep Strike, themed after the 4th movie in the game. Here you hit active underwater mines with a pipe, and detonate the mines after you hit them for points. Or the Haunted House Party bowling type mini-game, where skeletons and blades try to stop you from getting a strike with your eyeball themed bowling ball.

This game has a lot to offer, along with co-op Score attack modes. At the time of this writing, I have 74% of trophies, and this will be my 2nd platinum trophy (the other being Demon's Souls). I am very disheartened over the existing reviews that are out for this game; they are poorly written, mis-informed, or unfairly attack this game because it uses motion based controls.

Cohort Studios has an impressive resume of games that they've worked on, and The Shoot is no different. This is a great family game, but has a challenge level that scales from the casual gamer all the way up to a hardcore gamer (remember I said I was ranked 9th in Ricochet Hotshot? I dare you to do better...). I have had a tremendous amount of fun playing and mastering this game, along with looking for all the deleted scenes, showtimes, poster pieces, etc...and the challenges are a blast as well.

I am calling out anyone who gave this game a score below an 8; yeah, that's right. I know review scores are "just someone's opinion", however some people are just wrong. A great example of this is the almost universal hate for "The Fight: Lights Out", another game (which I own and play regularly) where the initial reaction is negative and other sites just parrot the same nonsense.

This is my first user review, and the reason is that I've had enough with the majority of "gaming journalists" giving good games bad scores. It's time that gamers rise up and beat back the tide of bad journalism and fanboy hate. Let's inform each other of which games to buy based on, you got it, actually playing the games.

In summary, if you like games, enjoy a challenge, and like being rewarded for pushing yourself and your skills, then The Shoot is for you. Especially if you have other gamers in and out of your household who like a little competition (remember Tekken circles anyone?), then do yourself a favor, and spend $40 on The Shoot. Heck, you could probably pick it up used for $30, because someone probably got it for X-mas and didn't give it a fair chance, returning it after letting the internet tell them not to play it.

Don't listen to that crap.

Cohort worked with Havoc directly to get the breakable sets, physics, and other effects to look great. This certainly paid off, with the game running very smoothly in all areas. The characters, themes, sets, are all done very well.
The music is great. Very catchy level tunes that I find myself humming to randomly. Lot's of funny moments with the sound effects, like when you shoot an enemy in slow motion, and he says "NOOOOOoooooooo"
It's really simple. Build your multiplier by hitting targets and not missing. Dodge enemy fire and don't hit innocent targets. Then activate a Showstopper for a huge score. Do this for 4 scenes, and if you scored enough points, you will unlock the next movie, and a trophy.
Fun Factor
Pretty much fun all around. You will play the movies over and over, and it never gets old. Well, it hasn't for me at least. There are hours and hours of entertainment to be had here.
Online Leaderboard support. Online multiplayer would not work, as this is a precision shooting game.
GWAVE4943d ago

Really glad you enjoyed the game! I have also been baffled by the horrendous reviews of Move games. I played The Shoot demo and enjoyed it (although it isn't quite what I'm wanting to play at the moment), and I also enjoyed Tumble and especially The Fight, yet all of these received horrible reviews. I simply cannot understand how any of these games could score anything less than a 6/10 at the ABSOLUTE minimum.

Tachyon_Nova4942d ago

Yeah, apart from the repetitive comments from the director and rather short campaign, the Shoot is a fantastic game

JoeReno4942d ago

Simple fix I found with the director was in the options menu turn his voice levels down, and its all gravy after that. The game is a blast

I also really wonder why is it most Move games are getting awful scores from many reviewers, not that I put much stock in reviews anymore but somethngs up, and it smells fishy to me and a lot of other gamers.

pswi604942d ago

I have 4 move games currently: The Fight, The Shoot, Cabellas, and Sports Champions.

These 4 games have kept me and the family busy for weeks, and I am very happy with Playstation Move. I really liked playing The Fight until I hurt my shoulder and had to take a break.

As far as the scores, I think alot of websites are devoted to the Kinect right now, and they are trying very hard to like it. Then when a Move game comes out, they give it a casual glance and go back to defending Kinect, assuming that games like The Fight and The Shoot are shovelware, and not realizing that they are fully developed, supported, and published games with online, trophies, post release support, etc (see The Fight transparency patch).

If it wasn't for word of mouth, games like Demon's Souls wouldn't have done so well.

It's time for gamers to spread the word even more than in the past, and make sure good games get purchased. That way we can get sequels to games that we love.

g-nome4940d ago

Time Crisis : Razing Storm is a great move shooter too.


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brianunfried3418d ago

House of the Dead 3 and 4 should be on the list. I still play Overkill on a regular basis, worth buying a move just for that game alone. The Cabela games that support move are fun too.

sypher3418d ago

Is Rambo, Move compatible? And there is also Child Of Light which is sort of a shooting game.

from the beach3418d ago

Rambo is indeed Move compatible. Child of EDEN is too - I've only got the Kinect version but it's the best Kinect game and probably the best Move game.

No idea how this site missed HOTD 4.. and it remains a great shame more of Sega's gun games from that era didn't make it across to PS3 via Move.

sypher3417d ago

Ah yeh sorry, meant Child Of Eden :p the mizuguchi game. Got the names mixed up lol

Ahmay3417d ago

i wish they also made light guns like the arcade ones. they r faster at aiming and more accurate..


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Bigpappy4719d ago

This is my biggest leader board game ever. I am not trying to be number 1, but I have to beat my friends scores.


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