Will Mass Effect out-Halo Halo 3?

Seeing the games demoed back to back, one previewer takes a look at the similarities between the two games after private showings at this year's X07 event in Toronto.

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toughNAME4121d ago

out-Halo Halo 3?

the term itself shows the winner

MK_Red4121d ago

Nice find and nice read. Both games are gonna be big and great but I love Mass Effect more because of it's character design and the fact that it's from BioWare the creators of KOTOR.

Bloodmask4121d ago

The comparisons are really mute bc they are 2 totally different genres. I think they are similar just bc they are both in a sci-fi universe.

Either way Bioware is the master if the RPG genre. As is Bungie for the FPS genre. So I guess this is more of a compliment to both studios if anything.

beavis4play4121d ago

so your claim that the comparisons are mute comes off as a mystery

Nightmaster4121d ago

They are both 2 great games that are most wanted on the 360 and all, but Halo 3 will be way better because its less limited, and Mass Effect is more limited. I, Myself would go for Halo 3 first for the Multiplayer and 4 player co-op, and map editor instead of buying a single player game that will last a couple weeks or a month.

razer4121d ago

bt both equally as wanted for me and I will own both on day 1!!

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The story is too old to be commented.