Top Ten Videogame Anti-Heroes

The two previous Electronic Theatre Sunday Special articles have covered the Top Ten Videogame Heroes and Top Ten Videogame Heroines, featuring some of your favourite main characters including Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid), Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII) and Link (The Legend of Zelda). This week’s Top Ten Videogame Anti-Heroes will feature all the characters who love running people over, killing innocents, blowing up buildings and/or stealing.

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Myze4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

I'm sorry, but you can't have a list about anti-heroes and NOT have Kratos as #1.

I don't even consider Niko Bellic an anti-hero, at least not as a major one, since it's more based on doing things your way, and he is definitely not at the level of Kratos.

Half the people on this list are only "anti-heroes" if you decide to do stuff like randomly shoot people, they aren't intentionally wrote as being such.

When I think of the term "anti-hero," I think of Kratos, period.

writersblock4480d ago

Thats a very biased approach?

Nico is most definitly an anti-hero. He goes to america to leave his old life behind and is forced to continue killing through others

Maybe not as much a Kratos, but still

cyberwaffles4480d ago

Niko is garbage. i hate how people overhype his character; same thing with marshton or whatever his name is from red dead.

alphakennybody4480d ago

niko bellic a character as overrated as the game he is in.

animelover104874480d ago

that said he's also a dick a complete asshole, but thats why we love him.

alphakennybody4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

how is he a dick?

@ seraphim

really? cos, those so called force made him murdered his love and his own blood ,betrayed and backstabbed him on many occasion.I too would be pretty pissed if that happened to me. So again i ask, how does that make him a dick

SeraphimBlade4480d ago

Disrupting the order of the universe and destroying the forces that guide it all in the name of personal vengeance? Pretty dickish if you ask me. He's not quite so bad in the first one

Hudahudahuda4480d ago

Yeah but at then end of his personal vendetta he pretty much gave humanity the gift of freewill.

cyberwaffles4480d ago

thats a good point. i forgot that santa monica stated that kratos is the reason that greek paganism is now mythology. he destroyed everything that involved the belief in it and all that is left is athena.

and she is still in existence today as we speak. one with nature and the universe, and you can seek her with the use of entheogenic psychedelics!

lol jk

wedgie4479d ago

But he did not go about his quest in order to bring back free will. He went in there just to get revenge, not caring about anything else during his quest. It just so happened that his revenge quest indirectly brought about freedom from Olympus. But because of his intentions, he was still being a pretty big antihero.

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massvmunkee4480d ago

kratos should be number 1. two days till ghost of sparta!

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The story is too old to be commented.