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Xblog 360's Fable review.

Peter Molyneux avidly stepped up the E3 Microsoft Conference stage to present Fable 3′s latest trailer. He once again promised us innovative features and how Fable will feel like two different games. The revolution half, with you, the prince, gathering enough followers and revolt against your evil sibling and the second half being the King yourself. When I watched the trailer I was unimpressed. It showed nothing to hype me up and I felt it was just going to be another empty promise by Peter. I bought Fable 3 though. Fable 2 was a great game and I wanted to give the franchise one more time. I just concluded the game and I’m ready to review Fable 3.

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T9X693651d ago

Fable 3 is a very good game. Haters gonna hate.