New Site Update

It’s once again time for another site update. Today we uploaded some changes to the site’s navigation as well as adding a few new site features. There are about 1000 stories added to N4G each day, and since only so many can reach the front page there are tons of interesting stories getting buried away in some dark deserted corner of N4G. The navigation we had did not do a very good job of encouraging users to explore content beyond the home page, so we have completely revamped the site menu to make this easier.

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AntoineDodson3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Just when I got used to the other look.. I get this lol. It never ends.. I now get bombarded with a truckload of colors at the homepage >.>

T9X693647d ago

Yea this was kind of....unexpected.

ingiomar3647d ago

I hate change, it does look good though

ExplosionSauce3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I just got on and BAM there it is!

[edit] Haha, that wasn't supposed to be a reference to anything, btw :P

A Cupcake for Gabe3647d ago

This update makes it much more iPhone friendly, so I approve.
Still waiting for a good App, though!!!

zeeshan3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I am a professional web designer so I'll be honest with my feedback. I am not sure what they are trying to pull here. They seem a little confused between having a friendly web2.0 type of website with large fonts and some AJAX effects here and there but they have added so much content that the front page is looking extremely "blocky" and too "busy" if you know what I mean.

I believe that there is should be a little more breathing space and the content should not look this crowded.

I also don't understand the whole banner space they have under the main Nav. The one that has a N4G Radio banner. That looks very strange and out of place. Perhaps they are testing and working on things?

One more thing that I don't like is how they have reduced the size of N4G's logo. That just takes away the whole branding and the website's 'recall' which is very... very important. No, I am not saying that they should simply slap N4G logo all over the place but I think they had it right before and their new changes are really working.

T9X693647d ago

TBH I don't mind it, I'm sure I'll get use to it, but one thing that is really stupid is how they crammed everything up in the right hand corner. It looks really tacky and just out of place. I don't mind the rest though.

Yi-Long3647d ago

... plus there needs to be a bigger dedidated 'Pending' button.

I don't like the change, I TBH didn't like the last change either

Rumor3647d ago

Top right n4g radio image has no ps3 controller!!? This is n4g afterall lol bad move...

BulletToothtony3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )


is you leg ok? bwuahahaha

on topic

***Important question*****

Is there any ways to exclude "opinions" from the site?

i would love to read news only..

if there isn't i would love for it to be a way to do so... i believe engadget has a way to exclude certain news from their site..

Yi-Long3646d ago

... or is the 'my comments' option missing, making it extremely hard to quickly find back the topics you responded to!?!?

That's a MAJOR design flaw. Even if it IS there somewhere (I sure can't find it), it's hidden, which shouldn't be the case.

The Wood3646d ago

its definitely a design flaw. You have to click on your avatar then public account then comments...Long:(

gaffyh3646d ago

It looks okay, but everything's different again. I preferred the second redesign because it was so much simpler

Yi-Long3646d ago

Thanks. Found it now :) Still hope they'll change it back to a dedicated button though.

Kevin ButIer3646d ago

What the f... damn alcohol

Anon19743646d ago

I don't like it. Sometimes less is more and this page is just too....busy. Seriously, do we really need an icon as big as the picture related to the article to tell us that this particular article is news, or a video, or screenshots, etc? That's just taking up way too much real estate on the screen in my opinion. I mean, it's not terrible by any stretch of the imagination - and I'll get used to it, I just think it's a bit much.

nickjkl3646d ago

it needs wide screen support im sick of all these websites not giving me wide screen support

support it already

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BiggCMan3647d ago

disagree. i think its shit. the previous was way better in my opinion.

chazjamie3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

this is terrible, its so crap to navigate. everything seems bundled up,tiny and cluttered. there is no breathing space. 1000 news articles, and they all deserve a chance to be read. no. sorry, some shit just has to be cut back, esp if the news i want to read gets lost in between all the other crap.

MachinaMaw3646d ago

Yep I don't mind the change at all. It's a fresh new look that adds some pretty nifty features.

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Yi-Long3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )


BannedForNineYears3647d ago

Hid your kids, hide your wife, cuz dey confusin everybody out here.

Lord_Doggington3647d ago

make something more cell phone friendly for chrissakes

Bull5hifT3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I herd dey rapin' ere buddy out der, staple yo ass cheeckz ta'gether Man, Stay strong squeeze hard, dont let em take yo pride' Haa ha ............................. Every websites trying to go with that faded off color scheme ' trying to facebook it' i really liked the style before this one, personal opinion

renegade3647d ago

Halloween trick or treat candies from n4g nice i loved it.

BARF3646d ago

could care less what the site looks like as long as i can still read articles. if you complain about it, you are pathetic and need to take a look at your life.

iPad3646d ago

So I log in, and when I see the new N4G, I was like

Whaaaaaaaat theeeeee f*ccckkkk!?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3646d ago

I like it. They need to tweak it up a bit but aside from that.

Heisenberg3646d ago

Didn't much care for the last redesign, really dislike this one. N4G has a bad habit of fixing that which is not brokeded

Obama3646d ago

for once i hate CHANGE

NewZealander3646d ago

i cant load n4g with opera anymore....any suggestions? pm me if anyone knows how to fix it:)

OneSneakyMofo3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Wow, this is a step backwards from the prior design. Bad design choices all around - where's the logout button? Oh, in the corner. What are those numbers in the corner? You're promoting page clicks out of ignorance of new users which is a big no no.

The picture at the very top with an article (on the right) needs to be in line with the pictures underneath the article (on the left side).

I debubbled the site.

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Chug3647d ago

WTF? This is different.

goosepoose3647d ago

wtf is going on?how is this shit an improvement?

slyrunner3647d ago

I cant complain, i like the new Background

acky13646d ago

Now just to purge this site of all the'll take a lot of time and dedication but the end result will be incredible.

(Not aimed at you slyrunner)

Zachmo1823647d ago

New update is pretty cool...Just now i have to get used to this one when i was already getting used to the other one.