NCsoft says PC gamers will transition to PS3

NCsoft Europe boss Geoff Heath has stated that the company anticipates PC owners to make the transition to Sony's PlayStation 3 console in the long term.

"I think there is a difference between PC and console players but there's overlap as well," said Heath, in an interview with "Our view long term is that people who have traditionally only played on PC will actually now start transitioning to PS3. Once they figure out what PS3 does, I think that take-up will get greater and greater."

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45421254121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

What about PS2 consumers transition to PS3?

This sounds very much like someones hypothesis, and many PC gamers are PC gamers because allot of homes have PC`s due to the PC platform not being put in orbit around gaming, but rather encompass everything from buiseness to casual gaming.
Considering some games that have been exclusive to the PC have appeared on 360, and 360 games coming to the PC. That whole thing is about reviving the PC gaming industry with the Games For Windows initiative, and the PC gaming industry is all about hardware versatility. And the console hardware is pre-set, and a high-end PC today can pull of tricks that no console in this generation can do as off now.

The evolution of PC hardware is far more advanced because the only evolution on consoles is in the software section, while the PC can have continuous advancements in both hardware and software. ;)

MrSwede4121d ago

Agreed, well mostly anyways. After a while when cross-platform gaming (PS3/PC) is enabled for more games and you´ll be able to use mouse and keyboard on the PS3 a lot of PC-gamers might switch to PS3, not completely of course, but they might buy a PS3 since a PC with equal specs is more expensive and use their "old" PC for other things besides gaming.

Rooted_Dust4121d ago

I've always done Playstation and PC gaming, and I wouldn't give up either of them.

Bleucrunch4121d ago

Yea I would love to play my first person shooters with a mouse and keyboard on my ps3, I believe that sony already has there combo of mouse and keyboard with sixaxsis built in so there is definite possibilites.

jtmill074121d ago

Look UT3 it well have a keyboard and mouse option and i think that game will just be the start of some good things up ahead. But i do think it would be cheaper to buy a ps3 than a high end gaming computer.

Goshyujin_Sama4121d ago

see this happening, the logic is there. You dont have to read between the lines to see it.

Odion4121d ago

This is coming from a PC gamer of 15 years.

Not on your freaking life

No PC gamer, and i me NO PC gamer is going to just jump to either the 360 or the PS3, none of them do Shooters as good, none of them do RTS as good, none of them do open world RPG's as good, and NONE of them do MMO's with any sort of quality.

The Online of either system pales in comparison to what can be done on a PC for free, and few PC gamers want to waste their time playing console gamers.

And don't talk about price, you drop 12 to 1400 on a comp your set for 3 years, and your games are going to be better.

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