Digital Foundry - Face-Off: Fallout: New Vegas

As the HD console generation has matured, gamers have been spoiled by developers looking to push the hardware in new and exciting directions, using the experience they have gained to make games that look better and play better.

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CernaML4008d ago

"...using the experience they have gained to make games that look better and play better."

Too bad they didn't do either for this game.

NecrumSlavery4008d ago

Fallout New Vegas is a good game. But the Gamebryo engine needs to die. Bethesda better use the RAGE id Tech 5 Engine for Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls V or else!!!!

4008d ago
kaos_fish II4008d ago


Must be you then - my PS3 version is silky smooth, no lockups, freezes or glitches (yet) which is so different from my 'Fallout 3' experience.

4008d ago
kaos_fish II4008d ago


Do you know the difference?

Seems you only came in here to gloat and brag about your oh so special PC version (yet you play it with a 360 controller LOLWFT! - what's the matter, KB and mouse too much for you? too many buttons to remember?).. ever check the forums on that genius?
Cause if you did, you'd know that the PC version has the most problems than any version. Thank god for mods eh..

Take your trolling ass elsewhere

4008d ago
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dead_eye4008d ago

What the fuck how come when ps3 has screen tearing it's a problem but when xbox does it it's ok. Oh and how come on all videos on here the xbox walks in a straight line yet the ps3 looks all over (I noticed this on DR2 the most)

NecrumSlavery4008d ago

I noticed that to. They walk super slow and straight on the 360 version, but flail around in a jerky motion on the PS3. So it obviously will dip a couple degrees.

Only issue I see where the 360 wins is the PS3's jaggies from piss poor development. But the screen tearing is noticible on both equally, but that friggin' rug. God the 360's textures are way lower than the PS3's. I do not at all mind the jaggies when the images look clearer, and less fuzzy.

gamingdroid4008d ago

Quick! Put on your tin hats!

girlwithturn4008d ago

Textures 360 - 1.27GB PS3 - 1.98GB

kancerkid4007d ago

Which means over the course of the game, which has thousands of objects in it, each object might have another MB of texture detail on it in the PS3 version. Wow, deal breaker right then.

Ps3 wins, good job haxor

RyuDrinksTheDew4008d ago

1.92GB Texture Data=PS3

4X MSAA=360

just depends if you like your game with no pretty much no jaggies, or nicer texture quality.

mrmikew20184008d ago

It seems like it's the same on all three systems (once again). But it never cease to amaze me how DF find some away to put the 360 above the other two systems.

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The story is too old to be commented.