Five Features We Want to See on Xbox Live

TGS: "Xbox Live has come a long way since first launching on the original Xbox in 2002; the online gaming market and the service have changed quite a bit since then for a variety of reasons. With over 20 million Xbox Live users and the rapid growth/competition from rival services, Xbox Live will need to continue to redefine itself to set the service apart from competitors and make the service more appealing to the masses."

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fianno3131d ago

though not a XBL user I can related to why they should allow more access to premium features, for free.

Andronix3131d ago

I'm not talking about any future games that might come next year, but Kinect's LAUNCH line-up of games doesn't appeal to me at all. I'd go so far as to say it is anodyne bordering on the shite.

However what would be a great use of it is if you are playing a 4-player co-op game you could see 3 small windows, each with the face of the other players. Or if you are playing Halo Reach, and you see in the corner of your screen a 3-second clip of a player as you kill them. That would be sweet!

Beahmscream3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

If my friends owned a PS3, I would be more than happy to trade my 360 in for a PS3. Can't stand the damn fee...

Elven63131d ago

Same here, I rarely game on my Xbox 360 when it comes to multiplayer. I either game on PC (through GFWL or what ever other service), another console/handheld, etc.

It's not so much the fee but the offerings that make me hesitant to buy Gold often.

TekoIie3131d ago

yeh i hate the fee as well. Sure psn doesnt have quite as many features as XBL. But the features like TV do make give the ps3 a major advantage. (Before anyone shouts ESPN! Thats just one channel...)

gigaware3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )


If you are going to watch TV on your console it might as well be the fullest and truest cable experience it can be compared to the standard method

Tapey3131d ago

Here's a feature I want to see on Xbox Live: LESS FUCKING LAG.

KingZFlipper3131d ago

XBL has less Lag than PSN at least. PC has least lag

TekoIie3131d ago

psn doesnt have lag. The only true difference (i think) is download times. It can take about 5 mins longer to download and then you have to install the content. But if games did things like heavy rain did where it shows instructions on how to make an origami while installing it wouldnt matter too much.

fianno3131d ago

How can there be a difference? Isn't most of the connections P2P?

skrug3131d ago

yes, XBL has less lag with its P2P than PSN with dedicated servers.

Hades13373131d ago

Mate I'm on a 2mb connection and I hardly ever lag.

aquamala3131d ago

Lag is caused by your Internet connection, which console you have doesn't matter

hennessey863131d ago

microsoft let people play online for free but keep the main features like party chat espn and the rest of the features for paying gamers like myself

rapidturtle3131d ago

I'm switching over to PS3 this holiday season. Had live since it started, so I figure I have paid over $400 to M$ over the years. I'll be damned if I am going to pay $10 more.
Oh, and hows about putting a damn web browser in the 360 already.

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The story is too old to be commented.