PAX 2007: Rock Band pro video

So you think you'll rock on Rock Band after you mastered Guitar Hero II?

Go back to mum and cry out loud because you're gonna feel owned after seeing this video...

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MK_Red4066d ago

I have to practice a lot with the new controls and tools of Rock Band but have faith that it will be worth it. Rock on!

Depressed Mode4066d ago

Yeah this game looks awesome. However, i didn't see either of the guys with the guitar use the 5 new frets :/

TheMART4066d ago

Dude, I changed the picture, but N4G doesn't update it... Too bad. But heck, the text mentions GH II also ;-)

MK_Red4066d ago

The picture update takes a few mintues to change I believe. But good point on GH2 in the story text :)
Nice new pict and good video.

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cr33ping_death4066d ago

where the hell is the vid? im not joining the site just to watch it.

TheMART4066d ago

You don't have to join, click the link and watch the vid.

MolotovMan12634066d ago

I don't understand, that didn't look challenging at ALL. Are there more frets than in GHII (I'm assuming yes)? Cause if there are, then yes it would take some practice.

But from the eyes of someone who as completed the Expert Career on GHII, the video didn't even come close to "making me go back to mum and cry loud, and I certainly didn't feel owned after seeing the video, just confused.

Adamalicious4066d ago

That was a pretty easy song - and it looks like they are playing on hard and not on expert. Not saying they aren't good - just that it's not super impressive.