MyInsideGamer Review | Fable III

Very early on in Fable III, you’ll need to make a decision. It’s a very important decision and vital to the story and how it plays out. Why am I telling you this? The decision is a showcase of the game, which you’ll spend hours and hours playing. Fable III is fueled by these immersive decisions that you’ll hold in high regard and it’ll prioritise the story and how you play through it. Fable III will become a rallying ground for all future role-playing game developers … mark my words.

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jimbojones993129d ago

peter molyneux doesn't believe game reviewers are real gamers, so i have to ignore this and just buy it if molyneux!!

aviator1893129d ago

You do know that the twitter account was fake?

jinofthesheep3129d ago

yeah it was completely fake, but you can imagine that he would come out and say something like that though. especially when you consider his little spat with yahtzee. but we are real gamers and we really do rate it jimbo