Folklore: Hands On Preview

Threespeech give their first impressions of the upcoming PS3 game Folklore.

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MK_Red5208d ago

So this is a game that gets better after a while. Still, I have full faith in this magical game. Good find.

ktchong5208d ago

Wait for real reviews from IGN, GameSpot, EGM, CVG, etc.

Rama262855208d ago

The demo didn't really do it for me. The style of fighting and the way the game plays didn't attract me for some reason. I guess it's the fairground music and circus type enemies?? It would get an A+ for imagination and I can see it being a good game for people who like that type of game....

hella whip5208d ago

I think people are either gonna love or hate this game, I've never really played this type of game but i was intrigued by the Japanese and EU demo i played and after seeing it for £15 i had to buy it!

Arkrite5208d ago

Yeah me too I also got Lair for £15

eagle215208d ago

It was something else, something new and fresh! I just might pick this quirky little title up!

jtmill075208d ago

I truly think people will over look this game. I know MK RED said that yesterday in a post and I agree. IMO it will be a good game for 1 it’s not a FPS don’t get me wrong I like RFOM and I’m REALLY looking forward to playing Killzone 2 and even if this game doesn’t really make it. I think it has a strong base to build off of in the future.