Microsoft: We Didn't Pay Paramount 150M for HD DVD

Kevin Collins, who runs Microsoft's HD DVD unit, is denying that his company paid Paramount to exclusively back HD DVD in the high-def format war against Blu-ray. Paramount and DreamWorks last week stunned the High-Definition industry by announcing that they will back HD DVD exclusively. Paramount had previously released films in both formats while DreamWorks had yet to pick a winner in the battle.

The news led Blu-ray supporters to quickly charge that the studios had been paid off by Microsoft and Toshiba, the leading companies behind HD DVD.

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MK_Red4160d ago

If MS didn't pay then where did that $150 million that Paramount got came from? HD-DVD fan-groups?

bym051d4159d ago

I'm betting MS paid Toshiba part of it. Toshiba made up the rest and cut one of those giant sized checks to Paramount.

ktchong4159d ago

Seriously, Microsoft and Toshiba are not *that* friendly.

What does Microsoft get out of paying $150 mil to Paramount and Dreamworks? You know Microsoft. Microsoft would never pay that kind of money unless they are getting more money in return, and they are not getting any money out of HD DVD winning - certainly not $150 mil.

MikeMichaels4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago ) your eyes! What MS gets is using HD-DVD to prolong a format war as long as possible. Giving itself time to establish a Digital Download service on PC/360 and possibly scoop HD movie sales.

If either format wins the HD wars MS can forget about the PC/360's mass acceptance as a media player for the home, it will remain in the realm of AV geeks.

cuco334159d ago

learn to read from more than 1 reputable site and you won't be distracted by the bastardized internet we use today

SlappyMcTaint4159d ago

Sure M$, I believe you. And I didn't just masturbate to int4rw3b pr0n.

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RadientFlux4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

I don't believe MS is paying for Paramount to go HD-DVD only since MS makes money on both Blu-ray and HD-DVD with their VC-9 video codec.

iNcRiMiNaTi4159d ago

yea i also read something on n4g about MS not caring who wins the format war...i guess thats why MS chose not to put HD-DVD on the 360 but only have it as an add-on

THE_JUDGE4159d ago

ready yet when they rushed the 360 to the market. If it had been, I bet they would have done it.

sjappie4159d ago

they didn't want to force a new format down customers throat, and make it cost $200 more. Wo would have bought the 360 at $600, even if it had an hd-dvd drive? That would have even been a bigger problem for MS as it is now for ps3. Wich is too expensive for mass-market but, it has enough brand recognition to sell at that price to loyals. That would not have been the case for the 360 I think.

mighty_douche4159d ago

the reason for not having the drive built in was 1, cost and 2, when the 360 was released, HD-DVD was still in its early stage off development other wish the drive add on would have been available on day one not a year later, and we all know MS is totally against releasing un tested unproven technology dont we.....

iNcRiMiNaTi4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

but now they suffer from low disc space..i mean we got good games now but down the line theres gonna be some consequences...look at blue dragon already being 3 discs

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TriggerHappy4160d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

is gotta be somebody, but who exactly ? I mean is not like, they magically just received the money from nowhere.

MK_Red4160d ago

Agreed. Paramount did say that they recieved 150 million. From who? They didn't say exactly.

Rooted_Dust4159d ago

HD DVD is their product isn't it? How the hell did people get it in their head that MS owns HD DVD? They just sell an add on for their console. As far as I know that is their only involvement in the format war.

Leg-End4159d ago

we all know M$ lie
they are becoming what sony used to be

gta_cb4157d ago

use to be? lol they still are.

kingjkv4159d ago

Yeah whatever Mr. Kevin Collins. We believe you (wink wink)

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