Gabe Newell Hints at New Valve IPs in ActionTrip's Interview

In what was quite literally an orange box at the EA showroom in Leipzig, ActionTrip sat down with a calm and relaxed (though very professional-minded) Valve president, Gabe Newell, who spoke with them about various aspects of the industry in respect to his company's work.

ActionTrip: Are you guys planning to develop any new IPs?

Gabe Newell: You know, if you get two Valve people together, they're inventing new games. We're just sort of looking to find out how much we can design. God, I would love to work on a turn-based strategy game, personally. Maybe we'll get around to it, but not a lot of people would agree. But our ambitions have stripped our ability to ship by a couple of orders of packaging. But I'm sure there will be some doing new worlds, doing new game types. Hopefully, the flexibility we get by going for smaller projects will let us be more experimental rather than spending half a decade to come up with a whole project.

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MK_Red4068d ago

OMG, New IP from Valve! That would be a killer. A game that's not Half Life (And TF, CS, DOD ad more...) a total new IP? Count me in.

sajj3164068d ago

he's fat and lazy with PS3 development but new IP is welcome. Hey Gabe, how about a PS3 exclusive. Work your magic on PS3 hardware and you will be happy with the results.

Rooted_Dust4068d ago

That's never going to happen, sorry. Why would they go to all the trouble of creating the Steam platform, and then go and make a game exclusivly for another system?