Netflix Instant Streaming App - The PS3 Attitude Review

For far too long now, PlayStation 3 owners have had to utilize a disc in order to access their Netflix instant queue. Well, those days are finally gone, as the Netflix instant streaming app has made its way to XMB’s all across the United States and Canada. So how does this new app stack up against its disc-shaped cousin? Read on to find out.

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TH3 W1NGM4N3125d ago

i really think Hulu is going to be a better service than this... if it ever comes out of beta, that is.

i've never had anything but issues with Netflix and the 360 interface is still better.

Echo3073125d ago

Have you tried the Hulu app? It's not very good. Netflix is a much better service and a much better value.

darthv723125d ago

"360 interface is still better" To be honest, it WAS better. I am in the new dash beta and i didnt care for the flat left right look now. I preferred the isometric look but I will say that they greatly improved the loading speed and video quality. Must be that update to silverlight both netflix and the 360 are using.

As for the PS3, i like the way the interface shows so much more on screen. Even the Wii got the same exact interface but given that the wii is 480 you dont see as much on the screen like the ps3.

Hulu could be a nice service if they offered two levels. One being the paid and the other being AD based free access. I dont mind a few Ads before or even at a single point in the middle but nothing to the extent of regular broadcast tv. A show with a run slot of 30min actually averages 22-24 min. the rest is all commercials.

A Cupcake for Gabe3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Wow who would honestly agree that the Hulu App is bad? It's a fantastic App, better interface than every streaming service other than the new PS3 Netflix App. The only issue with hulu plus is the lack of content. Once it gives you access to all the content you get at, it'll kill the TV business.
All that TV for $10 is a steal. The movie selection on plus is garbage, but online they have a decent amount. But hulu is for TV shows. Netflix though is getting brand new content on instant day one, which is stellar. I can't wait u till they get the library 100% on streaming.

As for the Netflix App. It's great, I love it. Ita very fast and the HD is great. Only issue is the little things that I'm used to with PS3 typing. Like using square as a backspace button & triangle as space. On the Netflix App, when searching, you use X for everything. But it is laid out great. I hope they add Move support. It looks like it would work perfect for it. And a chat system for those who want it.

darthv723125d ago

move first I thought the new app was co created by sony and would have that but after seeing the wii version I knew sony didnt have anything to do with it. Maybe they can patch it themselves but I am almost certain the netflix team wont.

When it comes to the netflix app on the 360, MS is responsible for that like 98%. Its laid out for kinect and ready for action when it launches.

Dont see why netflix can't take the wii control scheme and adapt it for move on ps3. Maybe...?

WildArmed3125d ago

I prefer Netflix over Hulu.
I do use Hulu+ for abit, but i just go back to the Netflix app within a few minutes.

And as for interfaces.. that's an opinion really.

I love the 1080p streaming and 5.1DD.. only if more supported it.
Ofc, the fact that PS3 netflix has search, I use it over my 360.
(not to say i wasn't using my 360 netflix before the ps3 netflix came out)

the content provided by Hulu is miniscule compared to Netflix.

I'm discont. Hulu+ for awhile, until it gets more content that is.

Echo3073125d ago

I hear you. I love that Hulu claims they have movies. Have you seen the Hulu selection of movies? They're laughably bad.

Trebius3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Hulu's movies are garbage.

The PS3 Netflix app is the way it should be on every console.

I used to netflix on my Wii, but ive noticed that the PS3's loading times for whatever you play is cut DRAMATICALLY short. I used to hate rewinding on the Wii netflix if i missed a line or something because it takes a few seconds to load up.

PS3 is literally instant.

ASSASSYN 36o3125d ago

360 does have search, 1080p streaming, and 5.1dd. YOU just don't have it yet until next week. I in the beta have had it since September.

GodsHand3125d ago

It's clear as night and day. Plus the convince of not having to use the disc based media interface. I have not tried any hulu, as some of the guys above stated, but I was pretty sure, they focused more on the television area, then flim. When Hulu does come out of beta and begins to charge for the service, I am sure people who enjoy movies more will flock to the netflix, and use it's service for both television series, and box office movies.

Kakuren3125d ago

My wife and I have been watching the series Bones on both wired and wireless ps3's. The buffer is less than 3 secs and its uninterrupted after that. I am in awe at the difference between disk and disk-less versions of netflix.