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Some boss fights are forgotten the moment they’re beaten. But some remain in your memory and you sometimes want to replay the game just for that single boss. Here’s a top 10 list of those types of bosses – with videos!

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mynameisdi3126d ago

I killed him on the very first playthrough (during the swamp mission) so didn't play him initially... what a miss out

Edward-Kraken3126d ago

That serpent thing in SOTC, the one you fight in the middle of the desert. And also the bird one, in the lake. Sorry my memory is failing me here.

FACTUAL evidence3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

If you guys ever played a PS1 game named Lengend of Legaia, you would know the last battle with Songi, or Cort was a PAIN. Matter of fact scratch those...the delliases family was CRAZY.

Edward-Kraken3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

I played it. The very last battle was very long if my memory serves me right, that made it very difficult. There was an item called the point card right? I had about 35k points stored and I used it there. lol :D

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The story is too old to be commented.